Toxic Macbook Air – Environmentally friendly product

The toxic free macbook air is the ultra-thin and ultra portable Macintosh notebook designed by Apple. This is the world's thinnest notebook and the first portable laptop is an aluminum unibody casing. The free macbook air has been modified twice since it started. When it was first modified, the company introduced faster performance and a larger hard drive with a mini DIV port. The second review of the product resulted in faster performance at lower prices and longer battery life.

Free macbook air is known to be the thinnest and brightest notebook. Its weight is 3 pounds, which is ultra portable as the other laptops and notebooks on the market. To make this notebook ultra slim and light, many features have been sacrificed. This is Apple's first notebook without the built-in removable media drive; does not have a fire wire, an Ethernet port, and a Kensington security port. The Apple Macbook Airbag, the center of the notebook, is in the case and can not be replaced. Although it is possible to remove and replace the battery with a screwdriver, it is unclear whether the warranty is in violation. Apple offers battery replacement under warranty, but at a cost.

Since its introduction, this notebook has both positive and negative responses from users. They praised their portability and light weight but were criticized for the lack of any of the features mentioned above. It was also criticized for being non-removable items, small drives, and the price. Some free macbook aficionados have problems locking the CPU caused by overheating of the mechanisms.

Free macbook air has many features that are environmentally friendly. The fact that toxic is free, makes it more valuable on the market. Apple believes and takes full responsibility for environmental management by ensuring that its products are made from toxic materials that could be recycled. The macbook air is made of aluminum, which is easy to recycle. The macbook-air packaging materials are made of recycled materials. Apple has long opted for limiting the use of harmful substances in products and packaging.

Therefore, the toxic free macbook air aluminum unibody is the thinnest notebook you can easily carry anywhere. The fact that there are no user-replaceable parts can be disappointing for some.

Source by Fedrick Collingwood

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