Tough iPhone 3G Case for Construction Workers

I work hand in construction and related fields. A year ago, I was confronted with a victim when I came to iPhone hype. I knew I could not afford to replace my new little toys if I tried to break away, so I was researching the different types of cases available. Finally, I was sorted into an OtterBox Defender series. It was a good decision.

My job often reaches me for construction sites, seaports, harbors and other hard working environments. This has been caused by many broken mobile phones in the past. I fell down, crushed and put my phone in a wet environment. This almost prevented me from buying an iPhone, but at last I could not resist it.

Approx. I used the phone for a week without deciding which one to get it. During this time I was forced to phone with wet or sweaty hands and found that the touch screen did not like this. There were times when I could not answer the call. It was very worried me to buy a phone that was not practical at work. We are pleased to see that the OtterBox case immediately solved this problem. No more missed calls due to the hand covered with water or the sweat.

A case when this case was really impressed when I was working at the top of a New York building. I dropped the phone on one and a half floors on a metal grid. I was sure my phone was out, but when I climbed up, I was completely vulnerable, and there was hardly any scratch on it. That thing paid for you now. I do not think any other iPhone case would have known this kind of lynching without damaging the phone.

After about a year of relentless abuse, the matter finally gave. There were some cracks, and the outer skin of the silicone broke away. This cave offers you a great opportunity to try the lifetime warranty offered by your company. They asked for a quick e-mail in a new case that came in the doorstep after a few days.

Source by Ben Upton

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