Touch MAX 2G smartphone – Dual System Load with Windows Mobile and Google Android

Are you looking for a new mobile phone? Maybe one with amazing features? Because you should definitely check out the new Touch MAX 2G. This amazing smartphone is sold at an incredibly low price of $ 217.00 and waits to buy you.

You really want to make sure you have a good operating system, right? Well, I've already done it for you. The Touch MAX 2G runs Google Android 1.6 and Windows 6.5, a perfect combination for your needs. And if you do not feel like setting it up, you do not need this smartphone to come with the dual system that's already loaded on it.

Do you know a 3.2 inch touchscreen built in this phone? Well, guess how many colors it appears. Did you know 260,000? Because if you did, you'll spot! This great mobile phone can show you all your photos in detail. Oh, unfortunately, you probably wonder where all these pictures come from. Let me tell you – Touch MAX 2G comes with its own 2.0 mega pixel camera, perfect for achieving all these memorable moments. And just if you have one of these moments at night, the camera infrared lighting will make night shots easy and easy to view.

I bet you find the internet very useful. And how useful would it be if you could go to it whenever you were in a WiFi hotspot? Well, now you can, because the phone comes with WiFi and EDGE support. You know what it means to you? Free browsing in all WiFi areas!

Remember that the time you lost on your way to that new place? Never again will it happen because you can get directions anytime, anywhere with GPS MAX 2G built-in GPS. You will never suffer from lost or need to deal with one of these confusing cards again with this perfect mobile phone.

What about entertainment? Listen to music with the FM FM TouchMax 2G and listen to all your favorite songs by uploading them to your MP3 player. You can also upload any type of video file to watch the trip. Oh yes, and it's free to install Android apps, not to mention the phone, you can install Windows applications.

Do not worry about preparing work or taking notes when you need to write something down. The Touch MAX 2G comes with all the best applications for this type of content. In fact, it comes with the Microsoft Office set, which contains Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can read and create documents whenever you need, without even using a computer!

If you're having trouble with your new Touch MAX 2G, you can use Quadband support anywhere in the world. Solve all of your network operators immediately and without worry. The Touch MAX 2G can also hold SD cards to increase memory from 2G all the way up to 8G.

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