Touch A1 Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone – the most creative HTC Design Smartphone You should not miss

So many Chinese phones Manufacturers take HTC as their model. Today the phone will be introduced you are the latest and creative phone that has approved HTC Touch design – Touch A1 Windows Mobile 6.5 Smart phone. So let's see what this smart phone will come for us, to see how the phone superior to HTC's great smartphone titanium in its brilliant performance and cost.

First, it's a smart windows mobile phone. The operating system it has approved is the latest Windows Mobile Professional 6.5 version. All Windows Mobile Phone fans will be crazy about this wonderful OS. It's very easy to use and will bring you so much comfort and happiness. Touch A1 processor is MTK6516 with 256 MB ROM and 256 MB RAM that allows you to enjoy both fast and fast operation.

Secondly, it will be the greatest and smartest way in which the Touch A1 has a built-in GPS antenna. For those who want to travel around, it will be your good companion. Especially for those who are not sensitive to policy, it will be a relief for you to find the way.

Thirdly, we will mention the Wi-Fi function that it takes. Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b / g allows you to browse the internet at high speed, you can send or receive your email or chat on MSN anytime you want.

Furthermore, the Touch A1 dual camera, the main camera is on the back with 3.2 megapixels and the other is a VGA CMOS color camera. You can use it to take pictures for people and beautiful scenery, to capture a special moment. If auto shooting is selected, it will be easy for self-image. While auto focus will save you the trouble to learn how to focus. Just for fun without trouble!

Finally, these phones also have a dual SIM dual standby and touch screen function. A dual card allows you to use two SIM cards on this one phone at the same time, very convenient for you to switch and allow you to analyze your privacy and business life. 3.2 inch touch screen gives you more visual pleasure. You can listen to music, watch videos and enjoy your E-book just by clicking on the big sensitive screen.

All in all, Touch A1 can come with so many benefits for you and by considering the percentage of performance at a price, it's also the best deal for you.

Source by Vera Van

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