Top Ten Role of Architects Plays

No matter how much you speak of an architect, you know you can never be like him. After all, he lives volunteers half of his life to educate themselves in this field, and the other half lives, homes, townhouses, shopping centers, etc. To be part of the story. There can be nothing better than having an architect next to you, if you want a good house based on your country.

But what are the functions that architecture plays? What makes him so important in society?

Here are the ten main roles he plays:

1) He designs the house: Most architects begin as construction designers and organizers and end up as consultants. When they think they have designed enough buildings, they continue to consult with customers and teach newcomers in this area.

2) He talks newcomer in this field: There are a lot of young men and ladies who graduate in the field of architecture; Professional and senior architects guide them to sharpen their career.

3) He advises clients approaching him for professional advice on structure: He knows how to provide the right advice to those customers who have already made a design and plan for their homes or business complex.

4) He stands firm until the building is executed under his guidance: It is necessary for the architect to stand on site whenever he can, to find out if the building is right or not.

5) He gives drawings of different buildings: Nothing he gives out drawings, buildings on any conspiracy can not at all begin.

6) He respects the work done on the construction site: He ensures that he is in charge of continuing work on the construction site.

7) He utilizes technology and recent developments in his field: He knows how to make use of the latest technological advances to make more out of the field in which he is a professional.

8) He knows how to deal with his work, even if he is not in the construction area: When he knows he is unable to do it at the construction site, he guides the process by other means.

9) Guides Workers on Construction: It is his responsibility to provide proper guidance to all employees working on the building site. Without his guidance, the employees are not understanding what to do.

10) He knows how to use software in his field: There are several developers who are designing different software for architects; he knows how to use them.

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi

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