Top Ten Reasons Why Grandma Should Buy iPad

I have an 86-year-old grandmother who has used a computer with great skills for many years. She sends email to friends and family, the web surfes a bit (for what, I'm not sure) and even a Facebook page.

The only problem is that she is struggling with her Windows laptop. It seems that every time I talk to her she says she's having trouble with the computer. Now you can argue that a user error is partly to blame, but that's actually my song because we should all encourage older generations to buy a new Apple iPad.

I do not know which grandmother out there is as technical skill as I may be, but for those who have grandparents who are considering buying a computer in the near future, be sure to read Top Ten the reasons why Grandma should buy iPad.

10. Size and weight are perfect for use anywhere. Grandma can settle in her favorite chair and watch a movie in a comfortable way.

9. Most retirees do not need a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to software packages. The iPad comes loaded with email and web browser capability, almost everything that grandmother is going to need.

8. Learning to use iPad – or any Apple product, in fact – is so much easier than browsing a Windows machine. User friend is one of Apple's top requirements for fame.

7. For casual computer users, iPad houses all you need at a very affordable price for basic 16GB WiFi model.

6. Grandma loves to find things for free, and all Apple stores – iTunes, iBooks and App Store – offer free downloads as grandmothers will be sure to enjoy.

5. The iPad touchscreen keyboard is big enough to not interfere with anyone who is trying to enter it, but it can also be put in a convenient keyboard port.

4. Apple support is free through Genius Bar and has great satisfaction with customer satisfaction. If a problem arises, it will not cost Grandma hundreds of dollars just to get someone to look at their machine.

3. If it's hard for grandmother to find out about it, she'll have easy access to movies, music, newspapers, books and so much more.

2. No need to worry about viruses and other malware that affect Apple's products.

1. Solitaire, Cribbage, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Bunco … The list of games available in the App Store for iPad continues and again. Grandmother is sure to find her favorite favorite for her cool, new iPad!

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