Top Ten Business Management Apps

Efficiently manage your employees and keep them focused and tasks can be difficult to work. Some programs are designed to increase productivity and maximize profits. They can automate the most time costing process involved in running a business. These applications are the best ten of the batch in my opinion.

1. is, in my opinion, the best new business management system out there. It combines powerful project management tools with active sales and CRM tools, as well as a great personal support team that strengthens your customer service representative. The project management is incredibly easy to use. You can create a course to give employees something to work on, assign tasks between projects with a few clicks and your employees can log in to work on each particular task. I can not recommend enough. Like Basecamp, Salesforce and Helpdeskpilot, you're wondering! is free forever for up to 3 users so it's perfect for small businesses or startups. Their pro plan allows unlimited users and is £ 9 per user per month.

2. GoogleDocs
GoogleDocs is the perfect way to manage and share your business documents. All your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and reports can be downloaded to your desktop within minutes and viewed and edited by the members of the group. It even has support for mobile phones so you can access your documents on the go. GoogleDocs is unavoidable for companies that need to share their documents instantly between employees, customers and suppliers.

To use GoogleDocs, you need to create a Google Account. This is completely free of charge and gives you access to all other Google services like Gmail, Google Talk, etc.

3. Solar bills
Solar bills are simple, easy to use accounting estimates for small businesses or self-employed persons. It includes dual accounting, business history, customizable accounts and instant access to your financial books.

You can get solar bills free for a 60-day trial, after which you will need to pay a lump sum of £ 124.99 to continue using it.

4. agreeAdate
agreeAdate is a very useful program for organizing meetings, conference calls, appointments, staff interviews and more. You can easily and easily find when people are free and organize those meetings or appointments that are convenient for everyone.

Signing up for agreeAdate is completely free. With free membership you can organize events for up to 10 people. If you need to create an event for more people, you can update a premium account for $ 3.99 or $ 7.99.

5. Toggl
Toggl is a helpful time-tracking app that supports live tracking or time series approach, depending on how you run your business. Toggl allows you to assign different prices for each team member or product or customer. With support for mobile phones and many languages, Toggl is priceless for companies that want to keep track of every minute.

However, you do not get all this for free; Toggl prices range from $ 5 per month for 1 user to $ 79 per month for a maximum of 40 users.

6. GoToMeeting
GoToMeeting is a tool that allows you to host an online conference for up to 15 people at a time. With this application, you can share your screen with all participants, hand over keyboard control to another participant, and change which screen is shared with.

GoToMeeting is free for a 30-day trial period and after that it costs 29 pounds a month.

7. SageOne accounts
SageOne accounts are accounting software like solar bills but you do not need to download anything. With SageOne accounts, you can view instant snapshots of your company's business, automatically keep VAT and keep all your customers and suppliers in one place. SageOne also has a 24/7 network operator if you get stuck and you can access it anywhere with an internet connection.

SageOne is free for 30 days and costs £ 10 a month after that.

8. NetSuite
NetSuite is a business management software that has been around for a while, because some of its features are a bit dated. With NetSuite, you can manage your businesses financial, business, and ecommerce from one application. It is designed for big businesses and businesses and has a price to suit: $ 1,188.00!

9. Mozy
Mozy is a network service that allows you to keep all your files safe even if the office is bursting out. You can select the files you want to copy, and Mozy will collect them either in bulk and in sleep, or in real time as the files are changed. Your information is protected by military encryption and strict security rules.

Mozy costs £ 3.99 a month for desktop and £ 6.99 per month for server.

10. Vyew
Vyew is an online affiliate program that enables you to collaborate with universities worldwide in real time. Vyew gives you a simple whiteboard where you can share ideas, upload documents for discussion or even share your desktop.

Vyew is absolutely free for up to 10 live participants, but if you sign up for $ 9.95 a month, you'll get rid of the ads and you'll also receive a host of additional information like VoIP and multiple meetings.

Source by Fredrick Gibbons

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