Top Smartphones to Buy in 2012

Trying to compare your smartphone is getting harder and harder as more companies offer not only products in 2012 but the products will be better and better. A lot of these stems from Android and Ice Cream Sandwich become available to developers and manufacturers, whose OS has begun to level the playing field and allow parties to focus on features and functionality. Here are the major smartphones to buy in 2012, they represent the best in smartphones but are not all that is coming this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the best smartphones 2012 according to every reviewer and tests that gets their hands on it is the Samsung Galaxy S3. It runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, has put great emphasis on practical use using such features as Smart Stay, which uses the front panel of the 720p camera to determine if you are reading the screen and expect the display to be lifted.

It has a long battery life that will impress everyone but high users and its design is sleek, slim and modern. Samsung did a lot of work on the practical aspects of the phone by increasing its RAM and switching to a processor that can actually see 4G. Because it runs on Android, hundreds of applications are available for use. This is only a slight drop in S3; The kernel guidance tries to emulate an application and can sometimes be confusing.

AT & T Nokia Lumia 900

One of the top smartphones 2012 is the Nokia Lumia 900. This is not the favorite of most critics blinded by Android and iOS, but this is definitely the best of Windows smartphones. It has two cameras, 8 megapixel rear camera and 1 megapixel front facing one.

This is actually one of the best smartphones because users can access all standard Windows Windows applications that are still uncomfortable to change from under the Android architecture. The 900 uses the 4.3-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display, runs on a 1.4 GHz processor and when the Windows 7.8 phone update is released, the favorite smartphone will be many more.

Apple iPhone 4S

It seems strange to say that 4S is now really one of the cheapest smartphones that are a good place for newbie to start, but it is. You can not get more solid smartphone than the Apple iPhone 4S. Its reliability and stableness in iOS architecture, standard features and Apple intuitiveness make it one of the best smartphones 2012, although there are newer and flashier Android and Windows phones out there. Those who are "all about Apple" are going to love 4S because of the upcoming IOS 6 release. With iOS 6, they will be able to fully plug into their Apple ecosystem and then bring them to 4S.

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