Top reason why Symbian failed

Until now there were 8 versions of this operating system that were – S60, S60 Edition 2, S60 Edition 3, S60 Edition 5, Symbian ^ 2, Symbian ^ 3 , Anna and Belle. Nokia has always been one of the best players in the mobile phone industry, but according to current circumstances Nokia and Symbian are losing their appeal. There are many reasons why Symbian failed. Some of the reasons are –

Symbian does not have a "cool" application. If we compare the apps with Android and i-OS, Symbian can not stand the race. May be a Nokia Store has a larger collection than Android or the Apple Store, but it does not mean that all applications work perfectly for your devices. It's very hard to imagine a mobile phone that does not have a good application. The Nokia store is good but really antique. Most of Nokia's apps are slower, leggy and have a terrible interface. Now with Symbian, it's hard to see developers who want to develop for Symbian when better options like I-OS and Android are around them.

Feel and looks

There is not much improvement as far as the menu looks. Even other Nokia device features have not been recovered from the first Symbian release. The only recovery is the home screen, in Symbian ^ 3 and Belle versions.

Expired Browser

Today, browsing the web as we manage to manage our mobile phones and Symbian's default browser can be set mildly. The Checkerboard pattern is common to see while browsing websites quickly. This problem can be solved to some extent by downloading a third-party application like Opera or Safari, but the surfing is not very convenient with Symbian-based devices.

Permanent Hanging

It's a known thing that users will be subject to a smooth interface of I-OS or Android and a delay in any application or operation is a major drawback. With Symbian you can ensure hanging and late feedback. The contact is not as smooth and delicate as an Android or I-OS device.

Symbian OS is Old-fashioned

We can define Symbian OS as an old-fashioned operation. It is greatly improved on the Nokia E-7 and N-8 devices. But it is still not under the mark. System. With today's growth and development technology, we can say that it has nothing special to beat the most popular OS, ie. Android and I-OS. In other words, we can say that it looks like Windows XP in front of Mac or Vista. The main disadvantage is the lack of QWERTY in N-8, as it is essential and not included in N-8 is Apparently Innocent. Another drawback is that there are plenty of equipment, but no equipment is properly implemented.

Today it is very difficult to find users who are Symbian friendly. Other giant companies like Apple and BlackBerry offer plenty of advanced and user-friendly applications and are therefore the target for all users. Despite these disadvantages, we can say that Nokia is still doing the best hardware, awesome camera and high battery life that will accompany its followers.

Source by Anand Raju

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