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When you think of smartphones, three brands and three operating systems come in mind. Trademarks include BlackBerry, iPhone and HTC. BlackBerry, of course, uses the BlackBerry OS, iPhone uses Mac OS and HTC smartphones are generally run on Android OS.

Each of the smartphones has pros and cons and while I'm a BlackBerry fan in the heart, there have been some recent releases in every scene that has gotten my attention. Apple has just released iPhone 4S and BlackBerry has released Torch 2 in addition to the new Bold and Curve. HTC is constantly releasing a new mobile phone with every one, little better than its predecessor, already having plenty of features to suit everyday businesses and smartphone enthusiasts.

BlackBerry Torch 2 or BlackBerry Torch 9860

The new BlackBerry Torch has a touch screen interface that has made it a favorite update from the previous bulky slider Torch. It has updated several features to handle the new design, and now also facilitates pinching and zooming. The new Torch is constantly compared to the new iPhone 4 S because they were released at about the same time with similar features as their parent companies are rivals. The Torch 2 or Torch 9860 features an audible BlackBerry OS 7 that has a few similarities to what is related to iPhone's user interface. They are both touch screen devices but some options BlackBerry Torch requires a button input. HTC and other mobiles

HTC has released some mobile phones in recent months, most of them have not been good phones, but some people may refer to some of their features as phones instead . Some latest versions include HTC Radar, HTC Titan and HTC Sensation 4G. Motorola and Samsung are also in the smart phone race with Droid phones and the most popular Samsung Galaxy which has been updated and reissued at least twice; Recently, Samsung Galaxy S 2. Make Smart Choice

If you're looking for smartphone whether you want to manage your files and emails , to participate in a better multimedia entertainment or simply to impress your friends, you should consider getting a mobile phone from one of the brands listed in the above paragraphs. However, you should keep in mind that not all cell phones are the same, even if made by the same manufacturer, so you should pay attention to smartphone design, user interface, features, and overall performance.

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