Top 7 most successful mobile app development opportunities to watch

As we know, the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. The number is increasing just because these devices meet requirements like entertainment, shopping, security and much more. This growing scenario encourages developers to build more mobile applications related to cellular networks, social networks, etc.

Here are some effective developments in software development 2015:

Android becomes the top

From the current scenario, it has been clear that Android is beating all the platforms and constantly growing up. Recently, Android played around 80% mobile phone market. Of the above results, it is clear that developers should go with the Android app development site for more benefits.

Cross-platform Application Development Techniques

Platform Development Techniques provide software development by developing the application that can run on multiple platforms with the same content and functionality. In addition, developers need a high degree of knowledge of coding. Finally, this technology saves much more time and money, the main reason for its popularity among developers.

The Internet of Things IoT )

Experts estimate that IoT will consist of nearly 50 billion shares by 2020. The Internet ( IoT ) offers On the best opportunity to enable and expand digital business, help you connect with people, processes, devices, and other M2M assets to apply data about your business and business.

The latest wearing technology

Wearable technology is an umbrella for all assortments of clothing and accessories that contain a computer and advanced electronic components. It is designed to make it convenient to use users in comparison to handheld technologies such as smartphones, tablets and music players. Nowadays, programmers in mobile applications need to focus on usable device equipment in comparison to smartphone applications to meet market demands.

Mobile E-commerce

Now more customers are adopting mobile software and becoming more in the coming years. Instead of credit or debit cards, people choose a smartphone to buy and pay using a variety of applications available in compatible app stores. This trend encourages developers to build mobile applications for various platforms.


With the growing range of mobile applications for a variety of purposes, there is also a growing number of information about hacker devices and information technology. Here, mobile security is an essential role, yet security for mobile security is a challenging task for developers.

Beacon and Location Based on Wi-Fi Service

Low-powered Beacon on Bluetooth, brings a new dimension to business-to-customer relationship, but first iBeacon edition is dropped by apple only. This technology is at the beginning of its level, so developers need to develop more Beacon-based services for the various platforms. Similarly, developers need to develop more on Wi-Fi based services.

The above are technology development technology for mobile phones that will definitely revolutionize the current live style.

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