Top 7 Jewelry Strategy 2010

Trend, like horses, is easier to ride in the direction they are going. – John Naisbitt

It is the same season when annual traffic ends in the news headlines. Twitter, Facebook and Google have just released the 10 popularities featured on the site. While I was reviewing this, I just thought to compile a list of the 7 best developments found in our own jewelry brand in 2010. The trend is as follows:

Great Demand Sterling Silver Jewelry Like The gold price rose to new floors, sterling silver made an amazing return as one of them posted a fashion trend that began to grow stronger with each passing month. More and more jewelers and jewelry manufacturers are experimenting with sterling silver and have confirmed the strong continuity of this trend.

The Bolder, The Better – Mantra It was not just Bigg Boss who was getting stronger and successful, and the jewelry designers were also trying to finish this trend. From large cocktail rings to stacks of large bangles, bold jewelry designs were flaunted in almost all circles. As more and more people are damaging their obstacles and experimenting with a new look, the stronger design here is to be.

Approval Key Features In early 2009, the main pendant came with bang and became unpredictably popular among the masses. In 2010, this trend became a more consolidated account and became more appeal. Interestingly, the use of this necklace was more gold than any other conventional metal.

The Return of Dangling Earrings Dangling Earrings made a big return and were welcomed by both men and women. These types of earrings made a unique stamp statement and added a glamorous look of women's overall roles. This trend seems to have a longer shelf life and is expected to be a favorite even in 2011.

Metallic Jewelry – All The Enjoyment – During the downturn, where the price of other precious metals has been traced, punk jewelry received a renewed demand. Bronze, copper and copper became the new candy of the eye. Yet another reason for their popularity was their ability to be an easy texture that made them hip jewelry to be. Jewelry, take creative freedom and keep its buyers a new set of designs to decorate their body.

Large stones in stones: The Gatecrashers – This was a surprise entry and was seen in most fashion rings. This great accessory worked well with almost any outfit. All types of hammered metal like gold or bronze as bracelet, appeared to be at the end of the year.

Nature inspiration accessories: New Kids on the block – When the world has started singing – Grab the national anthem, how can the jewelry factory be left? Accessories like snakes and cuffs, leaf designs, green, yellow and edgy gemstones and natural stones were spotted in many high fashion items.

Overall, 2010 did not make such a bad trend, even though these developments helped change the jewelry factory to jump back and make a quick recovery. As they say, "Do not follow the trend, get started!", We hope that 2011 will throw new exciting fads with longer shelf life.

Source by Amit S

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