Top 5 smartest social media management tools

Technology has made business easier. With so many social venues, it's easy to get in touch and stay in touch with current and prospective clients. But a teenager with bills in many systems is hard to say at least. Luckily, in this case too, technology comes to the rescue in the form of Social Media Management Tools. SM tools in the form of applications, add-ons, software are designed to help you create, manage and measure forums like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Consider 5 tools that can facilitate your social participation process.


How do you want to manage 5 social venues with one device? Yes, you heard me right. With Buffer, scheduling and sharing of content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and is just kids games.

There is more than one way to use this tool. You can share and send content by adding the browser's additional configuration or using the Table or Smartphone application or visit its site to organize the content. This social media management device also offers great analytics services, allowing you to track the impact and performance of each mail.

Buffer offers both free and paid membership. The device takes some restrictions on volunteers but with only $ 10 / month you can update your account to use as much as 12 social media profiles, queue unlimited amounts of posts and add two members to your account.


This simple tool with "Cause and Effect" The connection is one of the most powerful automation services on the web. IFTTT here stands for & # 39; If this, then it & # 39; and his function is to perform a function if the preset switch is activated. Pointing Point: With IFTTT, you can create a recipe or recipe that sends you an email (action) every time you have a new followers on Twitter (Trigger).

Using IFTTT, you can work with 160 channels, including networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dorpbox, YouTube, and many popular venues. Finally, the best news of all, with IFTTT, you can also connect to other social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.


For individuals and small businesses, Hootsuite is the best and most popular social media management tool available and that's why it's so popular. Using a simple web based dashboard, you can estimate posts, run SM campaigns, manage engagement, track conversations, track competition, and evaluate campaign performance by using analytics and create reports across all popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Page, LinkedIn, and Foursquare.

How popular is this social media management device? Hootsuite is used by world's leading brands such as Sony Music, EuroStar, Seagate, NHL, Virgin, WWF and much more. It also boasts having over 10 million users, and this number is increasing every day. To link an active social media campaign, Hootsuite offers three options: Free, Pro, and Enterprise.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is still another social media management device like Buffer and Hootsuite. Like other devices we discussed, this also offers the ability to manage multiple channels in one place. An important feature that sets this SM tool apart is the mailbox. All your messages and opportunities for participation will come in one place.

The Add Password option is another powerful feature. By adding your keywords, you can track all of your brands. Sprout Social also offers excellent diagnostic services. The reporting area allows you to monitor and create reports on participation, team performance, development, etc.

Sprout Social is a fair price with three member options to choose from. You can also sign up for a free trial for a short period of time and update later and continue if you are satisfied with the features provided by Sprout Social.


If Twitter is your target audience, there is no better social media management device than SocialBro. This powerful tool is unique in that it provides a broader platform than any other SM administrator application for Twitter. This SM tool has four main features: Targeting, Engagement, Management, and Analytics.

Even if your plan is to target multiple social media systems, this tool can help improve your efforts by providing analytics reports that can be used in SM campaigns running on Hootsuite or Buffer. SocialBro has a free version and there are four paid options (Basic, Professional, Business and Enterprise) with lots of powerful features.

So, what is your social media management tool?

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