Top 5 IPhone Apps In kindergartens

You probably think "what?" Well, I just felt like I first transferred my new iPhone 3G to my four-year-olds. There was only 15 minutes of silence after I made a mistake to take them to an important meeting. I quickly went to the App Store and found 99 applications for kindergarten and there and they were there – and my iPhone was not really mine.

Apple likes the younger buyer with the aim of advertising them, but it is likely that the five-year-old has never been able to be potential iPhones. Well, I was not even when I hit $ 200 for my new phone, not to mention the even pricier AT & T contract. My phone is now my favorite game and I have to wait for my knife to use it. They know how to switch to the screen with their favorite app and are kind enough to respond to all incoming calls that interrupt the game – and immediately let them go back to the game.

I can not be the only one out of the pierced iPhone, so if it sounds like you're familiar, check out some of your kids. your favorite apps, all of them parent-approved the right content and educational value – and a bargain of only 99 cents.

1) Our first children continue to be our favorite: the primary adventure by 3DAL. The best thing to do is pay attention to six different games, all of which are educational. Kids can learn about colors, numbers, shapes and parts of the body, and can do the stupid little game and touch the animals on a barnyard background to hear their voices. The kids will be a little older, so it's probably better than the 3 and below group.

2) Duck Duck Moose Design buses are their new favorites and kids find this riff for the classic "Wheels on the Bus", all fun and singing. On the bus, they can touch and slide their way through different locations when doors are opened and closed; the windscreen wipers roll up and the passengers bounce up and down. Parents are probably entertained by trying different language and music opportunities. Did you know the wipes were "Shwee shwee shwee" in France?

3) 3DAL is another favorite, kindergarten music. It has the same colorful and simple graphics as the kindergarten adventure, but focuses on music. You can find a simple keyboard where children can make a melody that is played by a cheerful parrot, a submarine percussion and rhythm game, and a silly parrot group in a circle. They will be impressed by the repetition of musical tones.

4) If you have a Pre-K child who needs to learn the spells, you will find an application like SightWords. It has a fairly simple but 300+ high-frequency "flash card" and your child can move to levels 1 to 5 while managing a vocabulary. They can touch the screen when they hear the word they pronounce when they get jammed and move back and forth with the arrow at the bottom of the screen.

5) Everyone likes to finish it: Math. Well, not really. My kids are well thought out and they are beginning to understand basic mathematical concepts, thanks to Math Magic. He mentally invites the children to the right answers, with the encouragement of "Doing It" when you get the wrong answer, as well as many glittering asteries and other animations, feel like a simple game of learning is simple addition and subtraction.

Would I lie to tell you these kids? favorite apps. My son belonged to the Thunder days (though he crashed several times) and my daughter was a pro in Tap Tap Revenge. But for a parent who is more concerned with education than without naughty entertainment, this is my best choice.

Now that you know where to start when you find some great preschool apps, you are ready to tell bye-bye the phone! Now if only truly indestructible iPhone cases have been made to the kids. . . I did not find one more, so I'll consider buying an iPod Touch for their next birthday!

Source by Carl Berkeley

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