Top 5 iPhone Apps for Choosing a Restaurant

Long ago, before they were iPhones, if you and your friends wanted to eat, there was a whole ritual. You would talk to each other on the "stupid" phones, let's talk about who is hungry after we invite each other to the restaurant proposals. Then you all call each other more about price, proximity, etc. Based on competing suggestions. Finally, everyone in the neighborhood meets the common flip phones and finds out you are there. app for that. "Find places, price categories, kitchens, and even good nutrition options using the iPhone and go down in record time

So what's the best app for finding a place, depends on what features you want. Here's a quick menu: [19659002] Restaurant Finder (free) – The restaurant finder allows you to enter the desired food and town / postal code or place and return the nearest restaurants, hungry, address, phone number and URL if This is also a useful weather forecast so you know when "closer to you"

Find a restaurant (.99) – This handy app is better for a restaurant finder you will tell that you are your current location using GPS. Find a kitchen and enter nearby restaurants by phone number, GPS dashboard, driving directions, and one-touch visits (but no weather). Additionally contains the Calculator Calculator (yes, splits check if you like.)

Urbanspoon (free) – This app from Apple commercials is a slot machine for a bit fun for your search. Of course, it is possible to filter the kitchen, the price or the location. Urbanspoon also has access to ratings and reviews as well as a "friendly" feature to add a small social network … but this is not Yelp.

Yelp (free) – social networking bandwagon; this is the real thing. This is because Yelp is the first and second apps (which is good and bad, but at a glance). In Yelp you are looking for a restaurant, bar, club or any other similar food business, or just enter the name of the food (eg "Peking duck") and Yelp will find the place for you. You can also post comments and reviews (though you need to enter Yelp's site to write down the above "good and bad" comment.) The "Sign In" feature allows you and your friends to track each other's location. Do not be afraid: Check-in is voluntary, so if your ex-stalker is back, you're safe. Often check the same location and Yelp decides to be regular. Some users complain about outdated / inaccurate information; not bad for finding the prospect, great to keep the party rolling.

Where to eat (2.99) – Another GPS capable food finder. But WTE has some features that just make sense. The search is between the kitchen or the type of food, and there are separate categories for bars, unloading and transportation. Emphasizes the intuitive experience; typing is optional. Shake-to-Suggest shuffle uses the same principle as the Urbanspoon slot machine.

What if your interest leads to depth instead of latitude? Check the Sushipedia (free) sushi knowledge items and, of course, a database about the place of purchase. And if you pay attention to your weight, you can click on the Lose It or Nutrition Menu if you get to a place for calorie counts and so on. Fortunately, you will not tell your friends about dieting.

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