Top 5 HTC applications for 2010

With iPhone's dominant smart phone market, it can be easy to forget that there are other phones out there with similar (and perhaps better) features. HTC Hero Android is just one of many smart phones that deliver outstanding performance with smooth usability. Although iPhone has apps that attract thousands of apps, some amazing HTC applications are available.

Below are the top 5 HTC applications for 2010 – in no special order:

1. beebPlayer – With the BBC iplayer unavailable today, the beebPlayer will be brilliant to allow you to capture the TV episodes you've missed. Not only can you get the TV, but you can also stream shows. Although this is not an official program (not developed by the BBC), it has a look and feel for the BBC's iplayer that makes it very easy to use.

Price : FREE

Availability : UK

2. 3DCoche – What about this for great? Increased reality is new & # 39; in & # 39; function for smart phones and 3DCoche uses it to amazing effects. The goal of this HTC app is to make it easy to find your car in big car rentals in places like football and shopping malls. Once you have registered, simply save your current status with 3DCoche and that's it. The app determines the location of your car on top of your mobile device's camera view, which allows you to use the advertised real-world experience and Google Maps to find your current status.

Price: Availability: All

3. Twidroid – Like most Twitter customers, Twidroid is simple and easy to use – but it does the job very well. There are many different features available, such as support for DM, retweets, lists and URLs on maps. Free and premium customer is available, but for what it does, you are the best stick to the free version.

Price: Free

Availability: All

4. Robo Defense – Well, we could not have HTC application list without a game? Robo Defense is a tower defense game with quite complex information. You can build a maze with upgradable towers, and there are new achievements and levels added. Level generator creates random obstacles through the map to provide new ways to play the game and best of all is a free introduction.

Price : Free (For Promotion)

Availability : All

5. Alice – If you're a music lover and enjoy watching your favorite artists, this is the HTC app for you. Alice is a guided tour that can be tailored to be special to you. You can create an audience list of your favorite artists and it will inform you when they are playing near you. The app is also connected to both LastFM and BandsInTown and provides great coverage and integration of events in your area. Features include a crater guide, ticket shopping and the ability to discover similar artists.

Price : Free

Utility : All

So there you have it. The 5 best HTC applications for 2010 set up a tidy to ease you. It's only early in the year, so no more programs will be released that could do this little in the coming months – but these are the current must have. If you have just HTC Hero Android download some of the above applications to experience the full range of smartphone features.

Source by Sandra Hornby

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