Top 5 Free Weather Apps for iPhone

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a mysterious downturn without raincoats or umbrella, or wish you could be snowboarding but do not know what it's like in the mountain. Fortunately, it's now very easy to save you the hassle of being unprepared for the coming weather by using these 5 programs.

1) Weather Channel – Weather Traffic

Take your weather experience to the next level using Weather Channel App. It features full-screen maps, longer forecasts, serious weather products and more. Be safe by using the hurricane centrally too.

2) Free Digital Temperature – Purple Innovation

A very simple application that tells you the temperature wherever you are. Using GPS This program is based on your location and records the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Great if you're out of hiking, biking, camping or simply curious.

3) Sunrise Sunset Lite – Kekoa Vincent

This app is a great app to find out when the sunrise and sunset are. It can calculate your location with GPS and set for time zone and daylight saving time. In addition, it will also tell you when dawn, sun noon and evening are, as well as length of day.

4) What I Should Wear – Lucid Technology

As one reviewer said "This app is fabulous … I can not say I can not wait to see you again.!))." This app first asks whether you are a male or female, then calculate where you are and what the weather is before you point out what you should wear.

5) Snow Report – North Face

If you are greedy skiing or snowboarding you need this application on iPhone. It contains all the information you need, including accurate snow conditions and snow figures for your favorite resorts. There is also a dual integration so you can spread the word quickly on awesome snow days. Additional information you'll love include links to avalanche forecasts, directions for getting there, trail maps and much more. You will not miss it with a snow report.

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