Top 5 E-mail Apps for iPhone

Technology has made a definite long way. I agree with the announcement that the world will be smaller than the second. With the many possibilities of iPhone e-mail applications, it may be a bit confusing. Do not worry we can help. We've narrowed down the five most important iPhone apps available today. In this article we discuss the unique features and benefits of each application. After reading this article, we are sure you will find the perfect email application for your iPhone.

Our top choice is iPhone Mail. This application is great if you always send e-mails with file attachments. It also allows you to display similar emails as you would on a regular computer. The second number is the "Email" walk. It's great if you're always on the go and on your feet. This email application somehow switches iPhone to a transparent module. Behind the phone you can see what happens when you write an e-mail. It's both entertaining and functional.

The third is the app called GPush. This is specifically designed for Gmail users. Basically sends alerts to iPhone every time you receive a new email. You do not have to wait and stay in the email you're waiting for. With this application you will be instantly started immediately.

Fourth has mBox Mail. This is ideal for iPhone users with Windows-based computers. Windows Live Hotmail accounts and contacts are integrated into your phone. You can also receive, read and reply to emails.

Last, but not least, ReplyButler. This allows the message template to be used. This means that emails are more convenient to respond without having to write the same messages over and over again. Maximize your iPhone's email service with these great e-mail applications. They are all great and add to the iPhone experience that much more!

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