Top 5 CPA Marketing Strategies

CPA (cost-per-click) marketing is an internet marketing income opportunity that is very similar to affiliate marketing. The difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is that CPA networks pay every time a user clicks on the link and gets action – for example, filling in your email address, subscribing to the landing page, or downloading and installing a application to your phone.

The benefits of CPA programs depend on the specific program, but unlike affiliate marketing, CPA programs do not require actual purchases. This means that it is much easier to profit from CPA programs because users need to perform only one particular operation and then have to pay. In affiliate marketing, a user must acquire a purchase and pay for a product / service before payment.

This is just one of the benefits that CPA marketing is beyond affiliate marketing. Customers can also easily convert their CPA programs, as programs typically relate to global interests such as "Win a New iPhone 6" or "Win a $ 100 Amazon Gift Card". There are several different downloadable CPA bids available on different networks – within these programs, the audience will need to download an application or game for free on your phone and pay for each installation.
These are all bids that target a more general audience than a specific Internet marketing or consuming product that is supported through affiliate marketing.
Let's look at my top five strategies for traffic and conversions CPA bids.

# 1 – Use a squeeze page

The most important part of success in the CPA marketing industry is the squeeze site. Using the squeeze page, you can increase your chances for a conversion while simultaneously making a list of ready-made subscribers.

A squeeze page is a simple "landing page" where visitors will land before they run the CPA bid. The squeeze page must contain the relevant information for the promotion CPA bid – ask the users to enter their email address into their email subscription form to continue. After you have added your email to the email subscription form, you will be redirected to the CPA bid. The auto responder can also send them an additional email for the CPA bid if the redirect does not work in the browser or the browser is closed too soon.

# 2 – Using Social Media

Social media is an important part of CPA marketing. Millions of users turn to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other social media networks every day to get the latest news, check out their friends, look for coupons and bids, and more.

This is a perfect place to submit links to squeeze pages / CPA bids. By promoting CPA bids, you get millions of millions of millions of traffic in social media – and if you do a good job, you can link back to links.

The strategy here is to join some of the groups that are linked to your targeted CPA bid. If you recommend a Trial Offer for a new dietary tablet, you need to join health and weight-loss groups / communities in social media.

After joining a few groups, start sharing useful content with the group. Content must give value – do not just lead the links! After a few posts, members of the group will begin to recognize your name and will have more privileges for these groups.

You now have the time to turn off a link to your CPA bid – add a good description and tell the group why you should click the link. Add a creative image that is related to targeting.

When linking these groups, make sure that the link is so close to the highest level that the link can not be started with the link. Start an address, unlink the link, and add the description. The reason is – if you create long news on most social networks (except for Twitter where your tweets are limited), you will be shortened by the link "…" that will expand the entry. You want the link to appear above the top text so people can even click the link if they do not increase the entry.

# 3 – Using Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites allow you to share PDF documents with others – place documents on your site and people who browse your site can see and read documents.

This is another great way to reclaim traffic to our CPA bids! Simply share some of the documents that are linked to the CPA bidding, helping you drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to the link, resulting in more conversions and more profits.

You may be wondering what documents you can share here … is really very simple. Make some research on the different topics in your CCE offer niche. Try to target some different topics. Next, create a simple new document in the word processor and begin writing the topic. If you use a word processor such as Microsoft Word, you can also select one of the templates that the software creates to create a nice layout for the document. I usually go with the "Reports" templates.

Add some useful information in your document – anything more than 5 pages. The more you help and the more you share information, the more you compare your advertised CPA bid, the higher your chances of getting more conversions for your clicks. Make sure you add some links to your CPA bid in the document!

Share your documents as many document sharing sites as you can. Make sure you add unique documents to the document on each site and each link contains a link to your CPA bid.

# 4 – Using Instagram

Instagram is a social media network that focuses on multimedia – images and videos. This network is owned by Facebook and is almost as popular as Facebook. Instagram has received millions of unique daily visitors and has millions of new images and videos a day.

With Instagram, you can send pictures and videos and tag them so that people can easily find them. You can also enjoy and comment on other person's posts. The more comments and the comments you like, the greater the chance of random accidents.

Instagram allows you to follow people and offers a "timeline" view of the latest posts from people you follow. The more followers you get, the more you are exposed to your post.

Now that you use your Instagram to return your CPA bid, it may take some time to get started, but after you enter this market you can enter hundreds of dollars. every day, conversion comes from Instagram.

To use this method, you will need to create a new Instagram account. Name your account for something that is related to the bidding proposal. You also need a landing page / squeeze page that is stored on a custom domain – you CAN NOT directly link to a CPA bid or forbidden.

Add a profile image that is linked to the niche, then add a biology that applies to the promotional bid. Finally, add a link to the squeeze page in the "Website Link" box while updating your profile.

Now just add 1 new picture / video each day to your Instagram account. You can find millions of images on the web for slots. Make your photo popular with tags – there are many different applications and websites that give you the most popular and most popular tags. Then hit the post.

After adding the image, start tracking some people in your cabin. Also like some of his pictures and commented on some of his posts. NO spam – thinking and attention and finding a good balance between posting new pictures and videos, tracking other people, commenting on other posts and commenting on comments.

Continue this, and soon start building trackers and turning traffic on squeeze. Just keep in mind that this drives your mobile business so you need to ensure that your squeeze page and promotional CPA bid are optimized for mobile.

# 5 – Use PPV Ads

The latest strategy to use PPV ads to gain high profit for CPA marketing. PPV ads are pay per view, which means you pay an amount based on all your ads for your ads.

This kind of advertising works, you just have to find the right network. There are a few different PPV networks that you can use and try and make a mistake before finally succeeding – but keep it and soon reach your first $ 100!

The PPV ad will pay only $ 0.01 per visitor, which is really cheap. Imagine being able to convert bids per visitor per $ 0.01. This is crazy!

The only disadvantage of PPV advertising is the fact that most PPV networks start with a large amount of time. Most PPV networks can only allow you to start with $ 50 +, which means that you should use startup capital if you want to use PPV.

If you do not spend too much now, do not worry. It's still up!

I've shared 4 different strategies to steer your CPA bidding without having to spend a lot of money. Most of them are absolutely free. This means you can control free targeted traffic to squeeze pages and CPA links. So, by following and implementing the first 4 strategies, you'll be able to increase your CPA earnings to the point where you need to invest in PPV ads.

Source by Gerhard G Homveld

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