Top 3 Free World of Warcraft iPhone Applications

World of Warcraft fans are not only confined to their gaming machine if they want access to character data, guilds, or commands. And though you never miss World of Warcraft, some WoW addicts may be bad because portable and on-demand WoW information can be useful to many WoW players on the move.

first World of Warcraft Mobile Weapon

Blizzard offers a great official companion – the World of Warcraft Mobile Armor – that allows access to World of Warcraft servers. Players can search for statistics, armor, and weapons that are on their character. The built-in talent calculator has a link for each character. Press the Calculation button while viewing the current talent of your character and playing with the options (without changing in any game). This function works very well.

Another great feature allows you to check information about items, including the insights that fall into the raid and the dungeon among the various bosses. Nice bruising over Soulblade (Kel & Thuzad at Naxxramas), knowing that you have the chance to be low enough (15% -24% drop).

For those who enjoy Darkmoon Faire or Brewfest, a variety of Azeroth events calendar allows them to know when they are coming. It would be good if you click on the event for more details about the date and time, but it is still better than the information.

2nd WoW Companion

WoW Companion app is a basic / command link. In most cases, nothing nice. You'll find a line of chat, guild, party / raid, pet, and emote commands. Basically a scam on the iPhone. One thing that makes WoW Companion better than a simple scam card is the macros for each class. It does not publish a huge list of macros for each class, but it helps you get to know more complex macros. For example, they will show you the macro of the wizard macro that focuses on a single click and is afraid of the mob, and then resets the focus and fear when the targeted mob is destroyed. This one macro saved me a lot of time, clicks and deaths.

3rd WoW Fishing

While the other two applications are very usable, WoW Fishing uses a fun diving approach to the game. WoW Fishing turns your iPhone into Wii Remote Control and allows World of Warcraft fishing from your phone. To pull the line, twist your wrist – hopefully do not throw the iPhone into the room. Then move the cursor using the iPhone as a touchpad and pull your wrist to link the fish.

To use this app, you must download certain software to the WoW Player's computer to connect to the game. The authors say that the applications do not automate anything – this allows the iPhone to function as a keyboard and mouse.

But if you're interested, you should download this app quickly. It was found that this app will be reduced because Blizzard does not approve (which came with the WarcraftStat program that showed server status and server level).

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