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Music is life. It encourages, raises, changes the mood and has the power to bring the best in us. Without music, the world would not do it very much. There are many ways to access and listen to music, especially in the modern world.

Advances in technology have made us very easy to access music on the go, online, through different media like smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones.


With more than 20 million songs, you say, there's hardly any site that can beat Spotify when it comes to delivering quality mouses to The crowds free of charge. Users can open the site and listen to any music on the desktop, laptop, tablet and Apple device.

iHeart Radio

This site is one of the best online Music sites with no paid subscription options. With more than 18 million songs, 4,500 artists and 1,500 live radio, this site offers the best features for all types of musicians.

The Sixty One

If you are one of those who believe that there are super songs that are unpopular, you would love this free music on the site.


This free music deal and site offer something unique that benefits both artist and users. Artists can send their songs, but users can listen to the songs, add comments, and short songs.


This site offers musicians an opportunity to search for Thousands of music in different types and categories, play the songs or play a collection of songs in full. It's a great place to discover great music.

There are very few websites that can offer users the chance to find great music, talented artists and special bands as Users can also use the site's radio technology to find new music.


This site is like a radio station where you can find different types of songs but with a little difference. During the registration, users are made to provide information about their favorite musical genres and Pandora will automatically send them songs related to their interest.

iTunes Radio

Guardian online music on the channel requires no presentation. Users gain access to over 25 million songs; They can play on Mac and other iOS devices. Then updates every day with new new laws.


Enter the world of unlimited music with the SoundCloud collection of musicals that comes with world-renowned abilities. The characteristics of the site stem from the unique features, compatibility and ability to share social media.


The RDIO model offers music lovers something unique among others. Users can listen to their favorite song or album, create playlists, and listen to songs on many forums like Android, Windows, and iOS.

Slacker Radio

To all your favorite songs without having to download to the relaxed radio station. Users have access to more than 10 million songs they can play at any time and any day.

Listen to songs, find talent, get music information, all free on online music site.


There are very few free music streams online that can beat Grooveshark. Users get an opportunity to explore cool features like unlimited streaming, social integration, folders and music options.

YouTube Disco

Although not very well known, invite users to search for songs and playlists.

Amazon Cloud play

With this free online scene, musicians can upload images. You can also find your favorite artists and use it online without having to download. The track list they already have and listen to them at any time. Also, when you purchase Amazon songs, it automatically adds to your playlist automatically.


This search engine offers something unique for lovers of music. With TubeRadio, users can search for all layers and will be presented with a list that they can choose. This site is based on YouTube to find and publish the songs you are looking for.


The radio is a phenomenon and alive 365 has come to make the magic even more realistic. The website allows users to find online radio as they can listen to their favorite songs from different parts of the world.


Thanks to the innovative 8track style. Anyone can sign up for the site, choose eight songs and share it.


Jelli offers music listeners the power to upvote and downvote the song they have listened to. In this way, owners of the area will know what songs they should play more often and what they should prevent.


Has been around for many years. You can listen to songs from your favorite artists, or local artists, available in a wide range of websites.


Mood-based playlist is becoming More and more popular because they offer a unique way. The songs are marked in playlists based on the mood they express. Users can find the generated playlist and release as they want to listen to songs.

This site is another unique free music page that seeks to immerse Users into community. Anyone can sign up and join a room where DJ plays songs based on their choice.


While other online music is directed to global audiences, CitySound tries to focus on local content. Users can find their favorite music that comes from or dominates a particular place or city.

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