Top 10 Reasons To Choose Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

1. Live tiles. Are you guided by these ranks and columns of small iOS icons? Hopefully with infinite customization options Android and many home screens? Instead of learning to love Microsoft brilliant squares and rectangles. Get them, reassess them, open them from your scrollable home screen and watch where they live independent and interesting lives of all of them, update unanswered calls, incoming messages, and Facebook updates.

2. HD monitor and multi-core processors. Yes, big is better and quick is better yet. Windows Phone 8 supports a 1280 x 768 pixel high definition display, as it is in Nokia Lumia 920, along with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor.

3. Tons of pre-installed applications. From the outstanding People Hub that combines Facebook, Twitter and Address Book, to Me it's all about you. You find Internet Explorer 10 Calendar Games Music and Videos and Office Office Everyone is waiting for you. Nokia Maps is a good contender for Google Map and does not suffer well-known problems Apple Maps . Nokia Drive gives you voice-controlled satellite navigation and City Lens uses the search engine's camera to inform you about your environment. Photos Hub keeps all your photos in one place and even contains an online album, including your friends and # 39; album. See what everyone is doing and share your photos with Facebook, Email, or NFC. All it is pre-installed on Nokia Windows Phone 8 device.

4. Super-easy setup. Just sign in to your phone with your different accounts – Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and your phone automatically sync to everything, puts your contacts, calendar, photo albums, etc. Everything in Windows Phone 8 is social, so sharing is simple. Moving from Android is a doddle!

5. Nokia does them. Remember old old days mobile phones? When do you like Nokia 3210? It soothing "da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da daaaa!" ringtone? Do you want Nokia again? Windows Phone 8 is for you.

6. Great keyboard. Ecologically designed and very fast and precise, the keyboard also features advanced predictive text that not only predicts the word you write, but predicts the next word relative to what you have already written. Effortless communication has come.

7. Support for NFC. Tap your phone against other Windows Phone 8 NFC devices and share photos, music, contacts, or anything. You also get wallet activity.

8. SkyDrive gives you free cloud storage with auto backup. In addition, it supports microSD cards and even microSDXC, which gives up to 64GB of additional inexpensive storage space.

9. 4G. Both Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are 4G phones, so Windows Phone 8 is a good choice to choose whether your endless desire for data can not be controlled.

10. Wireless charging. It's not unique to Windows Phone 8, but if you think that wireless charging is absolutely the coolest thing to enter the mobile world, then there's still reason to switch to OS.

To balance, say that Windows Phone 8 Store is smaller than Apple App Store or Google Play. But you probably already knew. There are still more than 10,000 applications. All in all, I recommend that you consider replacing Apple or Google and giving Microsoft the latest work opportunity to prove itself. Who knows, you can love it!

Source by Stephen T Morris

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