Top 10 iPhone 5S Protective Covers

Here are the most influential factors when deciding which products will make the list as it retains the rigidity and beauty of iPhone, the feeling of vigilance we all agreed upon when we first bought our iPhone.


Always the most important factor for iPhone cases and accessories, it's a crime after a crime is such a nasty and badly manufactured product.


… along with the top of the list with design, things like anti-shock and overheating protection, should now be a standard, not an extra feature.

Quality Value

It's not always true that the most expensive products are the best ones. Make sure you pay what you get and your chances are long-lasting.

At a time when the market floods with all sorts of products, quality is becoming more and more difficult to discover and even more appreciated! Intensive comparison between the latest iPhone 5S protection devices is still visible in the OtterBox commuter & defender series, while the Spigen SGP is also a renowned competitor. The Lifeproof fre series, however, seems to be behind everyone and proves the best weather and condition protection for iPhone devices.

Products are not listed in any order, everyone has their own taste, so something like this would be unrealistic and useless.

10th Shape – Skyline Series

Hardshell and double-layer construction while still stylish and lightweight. The Skyline series features a similar design with Xtreme Pro and has a great color palette. Skyline provides a unique way to lined the phone with a special card stand.

ninth Belkin – Grip Candy Sheer Series

Slim and slim design to fit your pocket, the Belkin Flexible TPU Case keeps your iPhone 5S from medium impact and scratches. The one-year warranty ensures that the quality of your case is with the highest level of experience, and all the cutouts take care of your ports. accessibility.

8th Fosmon – Dura hologram series

Easy choice both in price and in bulk. This hybrid TPU (internal) and PC (external) case with Fosmon ensures that the iPhone 5S is sleek and delivers a beautiful 3D stereoscopic 3D effect, so the Apple logo shines.

All ports will be easily accessible and you can rest safely against the light bulges and drops of your device. The only disadvantage is that the screen is not protected.

7th ULAP – Pandamimi Series

Another cheap but elegant and stylish solution, the Pandamimi cases are designed to fit the iPhone 5S as a glove and protect against scratches, bumps and dirt. It features ultra-durable PCs and plain TPU so you can be sure that the iPhone is safe and in danger.

6th Spigen SGP – Neo Hybrid Series

Spigen SGP, one of the richest and thinnest solutions of the Neo Hybrid series, combines Spigen's elegance and innovation while offering an elegant and slim design that fits perfectly with the iPhone.

Spigen is renowned for the durability and usefulness of mobile accessories, so it does not leave it.

5th OtterBox – Commuter Series

OtterBox Commuter Series is a lightweight choice compared to Defender and is equally famous on the market.

The two-tier protection of the railroad station eliminates the danger and continues to be a bit bulk, the iPhone is as thin as ever.

4th Obliq – Xtreme Pro Series

Hardshell and Double Layer construction while still stylish and lightweight. The Xtreme Pro series features a similar design with Skyline and a wide range of sporty colors. The back of the Xtreme Pro has a luxurious, metallic glitter icon that allows extra edge to the device.

3rd Spigen SGP – Tough Armor Series

Spigen SGP is a reliable mobile accessory manufacturer and has been present on the market since 2004. These are one of the most popular brands in iPhone affairs, and because their products are an outstanding value for quality.

The Tough Armor series is defined by the web-inspired TPU design inside the house, which is actually an innovative hood technology for shock absorption and helps improve air circulation to avoid overheating.

2nd OtterBox – Defender Series

Otterbox has released the famous Commuter & Defender series to protect the iPhone in the most famous brand protection cases.

Defender, the three-layer protection of drops, bumps and scratches will keep the device away forever. The case is a bit bulky, but that beauty is in the case, right?

first Lifeproof – Fre Series

The most expensive and at the same time the highest protection solution comes from Lifeproof. What do you think about waterproof, dirt, snow and dust? It's not too much for the Fre Series that protects the iPhone 5S from any danger while providing access to the Touch ID, touch screen, camera and everything you need.

The Lifeproof iPhone 5S Case holds 2m drops and can be held more than one meter in depths of 2 meters underwater. Do you have any anti-glare, optical glasses and access to all ports?

The market literally floods thousands of different cases to kill the iPhone, which is very hard to deal with and lists the top 10 iPhone 5S protective covers .

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