Top 10 Inventory Apps in the Apple App Store – Apps regardless of everything

One of the most fun aspects of having an iPhone is the many applications available for your use and enjoyment. Some are really helpful, informative or at least interesting: weather updates, famous rumors, guidelines, movie times, etc. Then there are utterly unnecessary applications that scratch your head and wonder why it's ever needed for someone – right before downloading.

iBeer is probably one of the most appropriate apps, but everyone seems to have it. This is an application that converts the screen to a full glass of glasses of beer and "drinks" by tilting the iPhone down. The beer then spills the pint from the glass. It looks simple, yet it is enough to reduce growing people when they are all used.

Tickle Me! is another application that seems primarily to be a fun factor – even if that factor wears off very quickly. The application allows the touch screen to respond to tickling, slightly irritating child laughing.

The one that does not make sense is Hold On an app that holds a finger on the touch screen for as long as you can. That's right. It may be fun for a lot of drunk people who pretend to be sober, but that's all.

Everyone likes the blister, most likely because of the popularity of Bubble Wrap . Just upload your screen with a blister so that "pop" touches each bubble.

Although this does not do anything useful, it's certainly cool – the PhoneSaber . Basically, it converts the touch screen to light swords, with pictures and sounds. It's really awesome, but it does seem to have limited things to do with it. Challenge your friends to duel, maybe?

What may seem odd, but it's gigged and rock shows a lot, the virtual zip . There have been days when you hold a lighter on programs if something moves – now it has a virtual version. It's advised to be better than people just picked up the cell phone, which is always silly.

CoinFlip is another that enters the "is it really necessary?" category, but everyone thinks they have it. It does exactly what its name indicates – a coin flip.

Quite amusing app for Abacus which seems to be all against what the iPhone is really – cutting-edge technology. But maybe, maybe for drunk people who are trying to figure out how much money they have at the end of the night, that could work.

Is he too tired of being eager to exclaim to your chosen sports team? Then the " Wooo! " app may be for you. This is a button that appears on the touch screen and every time you hit it, an odd voice says "wooo!" Very exciting.

Finally, there is a I Can Cheeseburger app that has sent you a new location every time. Who does not need this?

Some of these iPod touch apps are included, even if nothing is useful and in fact only replaces the iPhone or iPod touch. As trivial as some of these applications may seem, they enjoy the hundreds of thousands of users who download them. After all, is not that the point of such applications?

Source by Neal Adam Hamou

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