Top 10 Free Finance Apps for Android


Today's generation is growing up on applications and so they need programs for everything. As a result, developers have also come out with mobile phone applications. These are:

1) PayPal

This ubiquitous app makes sending money very easy. It has the same unique features as other banking venues, such as monitoring account balance, transferring funds, etc. The "Local" feature allows users to connect to local merchants and pay them with PayPal.

2) Personal Finance

This app allows users to track all their personal finance accounts in one place. In addition, they can track expenses, create a budget and save more. Customers can classify transactions, view charts and graphs showing their cost patterns, etc.

3) Google Finance

This app allows users to stream real-time quotes. This app is syncing with your Google Finance, accessing tables, survey markets, and corporate editions, etc.

4) Google Wallet

This app has been designed to keep all debit cards and credit cards safe and secure. Users can pay for stocks in stores with either credit or debit cards by tapping their phone. Payment information will be sent through NFC.

5) E-Trade Mobile

Using this application, users can track real-time receipts, managed accounts, monitor broker accounts, set up transactions for inventory, and create watch lists from the phone itself. In addition, they can submit checks, quickly transfer money and watch live CNBC videos on demand.

6) Manilla-Bills and Reminders

This is a leading free and secure service that allows you to manage all your accounts and accounts all in one place online using free 4 + use only one Password, you can manage all your household accounts, including finance, utilities, travel, subscriptions, daily contracts and more.

7) Slice

Slice is a free Android phone application that allows users to track all their shipments on a single screen. Users can view what items are on their way to their visual tracking cards, they can receive push notifications when a package is sent out for delivery or has been delivered. Even returns can be traced by scanning the transfer string or adding the tracking number to the slice. Users can also save money with a drop-down rate.

8) Expenses

This app gives users free cost estimates. It does this by transferring charges and receipts directly from the credit card statements. In addition, this program also helps to send PDF cost-per-mail and reimburse up to 10,000 US dollars online.

9) Check (Previous Pageonce)

This useful app just keeps on top of everything. You just have to set it up once and it will do everything right from being on top of your accounts and monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards to let you know when accounts are due and the funds are low. With this application, the user has never been saved.

10) doxo

The Doxo application is a digital archive that holds all your important documents in one place. By using this program, all users can get rid of paper jams and store the documents in one place in a soft form. They can also connect to select service providers and get their bills and mail automatically to doxo.

Source by Harish Desai

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