Top 10 Free Android Apps for 2010

Although the Apple iPhone and the highly loaded iOS platform have changed the mobile phone's face and its use, Google Android opens an open platform quickly and provides its own safe followers. With a large number of applications (or applications) that can be downloaded to the Android app store, many Android phone users can now make the most of their mobile phone – whether it's for business, fun, entertainment or games. But while hundreds and hundreds of free Android apps are available, keep in mind that there may be a lot of programs that are not that great. We'll help you find the best in the Android app store by giving you ten of the top free Android apps this year.

1. Free Android Advanced Task Killer Application. This free Android app can help you maximize the speed and efficiency of your Android phone. Remember, although Android phones can be multitasking (something that can not be used by iPhone 4 users), it can increase your valuable memory and drain your battery. Use Advanced Task Killer to cancel tasks and applications that can slow down your phone.

2. Astrid. Science and research claim that we can only store about 4 to 7 objects in our short term memory. It's good that you have Astrid and your phone to the rescue! This nifty free Android app can allow you to track alerts, missions, and posts and even group them by priority or maturity. A little and cute cartoonist ("Astrid") even works as your own personal assistant and reminds you of the upcoming event.

3. Dolphin Browser. iPhone may have a private Safari but androids have a Dolphin Browser. This free Android app makes mobile browsing easier and much more fun, with pinch-zoom, cursor editing, tab browsing, bookmarking, and more.

4. Four Square. Instead of telling your friends where you went for dinner, show them exactly where you've been with Foursquare. By using Google Maps, friends can check where you are and you can also see where they have been. You can even view restaurants, cafes and shops nearby via your phone. Remember to include Foursquare when you download Android apps!

5. Sky Map. Have the sky in your hands – literally by downloading this from the Android app stores. Sky Map allows you to see the constellations and planets and even help you place names on stars. GPS guidance also allows you to see the exact location of the star and the planets according to your location.

6. Mint. This app, available in Android App stores, can help you track your personal finances while on the move. Enter daily costs and transactions so you know where the money is. You can even keep your monthly budget and see your total cash flow with this free Android application.

7. Replica Island. Update gamandagana Mari Brothers and MegaMan on your Android phone with this exciting and fun game. Replica Island allows you to navigate cute green robots with 40 different levels, each with different levels of difficulty.

8. Talk to me. Communicate with people from all over the world no matter what race or ethnicity with this handy and free Android app. Simply enter any text and speak to me, translate it into any of 40 different languages. You can also talk to it and the app will talk back to you in Chinese, German, Spanish, French … the list goes on and over again!

9. Bubble Beats. Have you ever wondered what it was like to see music? Well, Bubble Beats gives the answer to that question with a unique and innovative interface. Free from Android app stores, Bubble Beat is a jukebox kind that allows you to assign colored bubbles or dots to certain layers. You can then create a playlist by combining bubbles together. Never listen to music this is fun!

10. Ring Droid. Are you tired of the same old boring tones and messages? Then download this free Android app. Ringdroid allows you to record and edit sounds, as well as create ringtones. It's like a small music center inside your mobile phone!

Make the most of Google Open Source and your Nifty Android phone! Practical, fun and new free Android apps above prove that often the best things in life are those you do not have to pay for. So go to your favorite Android store and start downloading these apps now!

Source by John C Arkinn

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