Top 10 BlackBerry applications

Have you finally received a new or refurbished BlackBerry? Easily accessing email is not the only thing that makes the BlackBerry phone so popular. These phones are great for multitasking and since the batteries are better then you can enjoy your favorite application on a new or refurbished mobile phone anymore. The biggest challenge is to decide which application to choose to install. Below are the 10 most popular BlackBerry applications for new and used mobile phones.

1. Bolt Beta – If your BlackBerry browser is not cutting it, the Bolt will load pages faster and accurately so you can view web pages as you like. It also stream videos as well as video uploads.

2. Data Viz Documents To Go Premium – If your BlackBerry is new, it probably came with this downloaded application, but if you have a refurbished mobile phone, you need to add it. It allows you to view and make changes to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files. This program also comes with free procedures for one month so you can try to make sure you look like it.

3. Facebook – Facebook on mobile and BlackBerry is like two different worlds. Once installed, you can even synchronize your phone's contact with their Facebook profile. You can also update your status, view posts from your friends, upload and tag pictures. The calendar adaptation is magnificent and reminds you of your upcoming birthdays.

4. Google Voice – This is the first business application that gives you one phone number for all the phones you own. It is an online service that is only available and allows you to choose a single calling number when people try to reach you whether you are at home, in the office or on the move. You can also use it to call and listen to voice mail. All text messages sent through Google Voice are free.

5. Guitar Hero World Tour – This magnificent application is sure to occupy time when boredom comes in. You can choose between playing guitar or drums and playing the players at a concert. The application contains a new bonus supplement that is added every month.

6. Qik Live Streaming – This application allows you to stream real-time content on a personal Qik website so friends and family can view it. You can even name your videos or add text. That's how you want to share your child's first child with grandmother? Qik Live Stream has you discussed. You can even tweak on Twitter.

7. Relax – Like Pandora, this program is magnificent, allowing you to stream free wireless and allows you to store songs to listen later. If you stumble across songs you do not like, just drop it. It has a minimum of ads and provides layered text.

8. Uber Twitter Beta – You can choose that updates will automatically work on your Google chat settings. It also allows you to adjust the size and font of each tweet and it supports GPS meaning. Even though you create an update, you can even create an image.

9. Viigo – This program offers you not only RSS feeds and news, but also upgrades sports, flight information, weather and stocks. It comes with preloaded websites and you can add your own feed. It also makes flawless articles that allow images to show that the text is correct.

10. Weather Eye Mobile – After setting your location, current conditions are updated in detail, including humidity, sunrise, sunset and wind. You will never watch weather programs again.

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