Tips for using your Apple iPhone during your trip

The Apple iPhone is an incredible mobile phone that combines the precious features of mobile phones, video game players, cameras and web browsers. However, getting the most out of your iPhone during the journey should be aware of the tips that make the most of your iPhone experience.

first Tip: Use the iPhone in an airplane mode whenever you are engaged in high-speed travel

You should not only use an airplane mode on an airplane, but you must also use an airplane mode when on a train, subway or car (of course you need the phone or the Internet, you need to quit this mode). Because a reasonable amount of battery is used to determine the location of your phone, you will use a lot more battery if you move from place to place on high-speed travel. If you turn on airplane mode during these trips, you can increase battery usage by more than twice.

2nd Tip: Unlock other language packs to receive and send text messages in other languages ​​(not using the English alphabet)

Go to the settings then general, then international, then keyboards. Here, select the keyboards you want to use. I personally use the Chinese keyboard because I'm in China. This allows me to send text messages in Chinese. To switch the keyboard between text messages, click space on the left side of the spacebar button (and on the right of 123). Make sure you switch back to using English again.

Tip # 3: Learn How to Insert a New SIM Card For Cell Phone AT & T Cell Phone Design

Make sure you know how to connect to different countries, use your phone without using astronomical to pay international charges for the phone. There's a small hole on the top of the iPhone that needs to plug in the needle. Press the AT & T SIM card slightly. In another country simply place the new SIM card for cheap local calls. For example, in China, I have a plan that allows phone calls, text messages and 3G internet access to approx. 10 USD / month. If I tried to do this with my AT & T plan I would simply exceed $ 100 USD / month.

These tips allow you to save money and money on your iPhone while traveling.

Source by Mike T So

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