Tips for using IOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

The newly launched iOS 8 has talked a lot about its wonderful updates and features that are useful and fascinating. Often, you might also think that you have time to buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. However, if you say that you can enjoy the benefits of the services without the latest iPhone purchase, that would be pleasant. Here you have to understand that this is about the latest operating system.

Some tips for using messages and emails for iOS 8 iPhone and iPad:

Tips for Emailing

• E-mail is simply pulled from left to right to indicate reading. & # 39; Read. & # 39; Keep in mind that if you want to talk, you will have to select each unread message and apply the sliders.

• Swipe left or right to skip or mark a message and a menu that displays more options than Junk, Flag, Forward, Reply or Notify.

• When you receive Inbox, swipe left to right to slide it off, without having to go to any submenu.

• Sliding Customization: Settings -> Mail, Calendars, and Contacts -> Slide Options; From here you can move the gesture to feel better than a right command line command.

• Minimize the legible email by dragging the message to the bottom of the screen. You can also access other e-mails in the Inbox. Press and hold the e-mail address and drag to the bottom of the screen. Touch the message to restore.

• It is easier to reply to email notifications, touch the Flag icon and select Notify, confirm, and ready.

• Coordinates from time to time with a person in a different time zone than yours, and you should know when they are available. To do this, use the Time Zone Overwrite feature that allows display of event data at the given time, to override the Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendar-> Time Zone and switch it on to enable it.

• If you receive a lot of emails in one day, it is difficult to know how many unread items you can use in the following ways: Mail-> Mailboxes-> Edit-> Unread

• If you want to find something when is checked in the Inbox, drag down to find the search setting to help you find the inbox of your inbox. You can choose All or Current Mailbox.

Tips for Messaging

• It often happens that you are waiting for an urgent message, or you need time for the project, which requires timely input. At this time, you need to know the time of your e-mail arrival, drag the message to the left and you will see the time.

• If you press and hold Copy, it appears next to the More menu. You want to delete the message and select More and delete the message.

• In iMessage, if you want to send a quick image to another, hold down the camera icon to display the menu. Slide your finger quickly to capture the image and slide left to capture the videos.

• Sometimes, if you are annoyed by a number of messages you are about to send, you would definitely want to use the mute option. Go to Advanced Messaging> Switch to Do not Disturb, and you've now mute iMessage as well as SMS ringing.

• To view attachments in the message, go to the message, select Details, and scroll to find attachments sent by iMessage.

• Frequently, the mess of the messages may be too many to delete them and select the Settings-> Messages-> Messages History. Select the option to keep the message for 30 days, 1 year, or forever. After the set timeline, the message is automatically deleted.

These tips are useful for many reasons as most iPhone and iPad users use either iMessage or email. Using the tips provided here would make it easier, faster and help you sort your messages.

Source by Polly Uma Simpson

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