Tips for setting birthday reminders on iPhone and Mac

Dependency on technology can reduce the ability to recapture anniversaries and birthdays, but often it may be useful to set up reminders when using our mobile device. If someone's birthday is forgotten or disappears, you can defeat it when using iPhone or Mac.

If you own an iPhone 4 or 5, it's easy to set reminders for your birthday. In addition, if your iPhone is already loaded with gadgets and reminders, you'll find annoying reminders that will remind you of various warnings, including Facebook warnings and messages from your friend's network. All this is easy to handle with iOS, including important birthday warnings. You can also set up options to turn off unnecessary reminders that are no longer needed than random business relationships or birthdays that you'd rather miss out on. Whatever the reason, here are some tips that help you handle birthday alerts on the iPhone.

Before we start dealing with the birthday reminders and their handling, first make sure your birth date is in the Contacts app. You can set the automatic birthday reminder by modifying your calendar settings or turning off the reminder for your convenience

To set up a birthday reminder, follow these steps:

• Initially, you must launch the Calendar app on your iPhone at the top right of the iPhone screen taping calendars.

• Scroll down the Calendars menu and look for birthdays under Other.

• If you are looking forward to enabling calendar reminders, you must make sure that your birthday calendar check box is selected on your iPhone or you are already selected. This brings you birthday reminders and sends a warning message when it comes to birthday.

• If you do not want to receive a birthday alert, just tap Birthdays by unchecking this option. Now you do not get a reminder.

• If you want to connect your iPhone to Facebook, in the Options> Facebook> box, enter the username and password, and then select Birthday. So they remind all of your Facebook friends coming to birth. Likewise, to turn off the service, you only need to delete the Birthdays setting.

• To complete iPhone settings, go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Calendars> Default alarm times. This shows three options, events, birthdays, and daily events

. • Tap to select birthdays and choose a time to remember the next birthday. This time is two days earlier, the same day, one day earlier or one week earlier. If you do not want to set an alarm for birthday, you can choose none.

• You can also choose a style that matches the birthday reminder alert. For example, you can choose the options for banners or predefined warnings for your calendar or birthday reminders.

Now that you already know the calendar and birthday sync options for the iPhone, let's have a look at other tips that may be useful to your Mac. Go to another section where you can learn about iCal and iCloud syncing on Mac to allow reminders and birthday alerts.

Some tips for Mac users

In addition to the tips provided, you can also make other settings that include iCal iClal sync options for Mac using iCloud. One thing to keep in mind is that iCal has built-in settings to send automatic alerts for birthdays on Mac. To sync iCal, follow these steps:

• Starting iCal on the Mac> iCal menu> Settings> Alerts

• Navigate to the drop-down menu and select from Google Accounts, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.

• You must now set the settings for receiving automatic notifications for calendars by selecting Birthdays

. Use the tips above to set up birthday reminders for your iPhone and Mac.

Source by Semeli Karen McPherson

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