Tips for buying your first Apple computer

As always, buying a computer is usually not an easy task, you always look for the best bang for your bonus, good product, and so on. Especially when thinking about switching from a Windows-based computer, I've never heard of Apple Computer or Macintosh earlier.

I know when I was thinking about switch, I did not know what to expect from the purchase, or the computer offered by Apple was the right one for me. I'm trying to help you decide if Apple's computer is right from your personal experience when I decided to switch from Windows to Apple (OS X).

I remove some Apple computers by thinking that my thoughts and opinions are the best for certain types of users and what will work and what will not. Everyone has another agenda on a computer, some for graphic design, video editing, web surfing, and so on. This is some Apple computers better than others, depending on what you see on your computer. Apple's laptops and MacBook

Apple's standard model laptop and a very good computer (Classic White) 2.1GHz, 999 dollars, 2.0GHz 1299 $ 2.4GHz for $ 1599. Since the recent update, Macbook is a great computer that is no different from Macbook Pro, just because of its eyewear and screen size. The size of the Macbook screen is 13.3, which can disable some people in this laptop.

Why should I buy a Macbook?

  • Great for the average computer user
  • Web Surfing
  • E-mail [
  • Basic Image Editing with iPhoto
  • Basic Video Editing with iMovie

Macbook Pro

computer designed for a professional market or user. Macbook Pro prices are 2.4 GHz, starting in 1999, 2.53 GHz at $ 2400. The Macbook Pro offers a 15.4-inch screen size that is a big advantage over screen size or a person looking for real-estate on many screens.

  • 2 Graphics Cards (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT)
  • The MacBook will do its best but the Macbook Pro is better and faster!
  • Faster Processor and MacBooks
  • Great for video editing, graphic design and other high-performance computing applications

Someone who is on the go and does not look for much energy. Two models are 1.6GHz for 1799 dollars and 1.86GHz for 2499 dollars. As you can see, not too much energy for your money! I really do not recommend purchasing Macbook Air, I would rather spend a Macbook for the price, more for your money!

I see no reason to buy other laptops as the reason listed above. I think you are overpriced what you get, and I feel like a show-off computer like look at what I bought because I know. I'm sure people do not agree, but if you spend $ 1799 on a computer for $ 2499, it's better to have more energy.

Apple Desktops


Apple offers four different versions of your iMac computer as it offers two different versions of screen sizes. IMac's screen sizes are 20 inches in size. and 24 inches.

Personally, I think iMac is a great desktop computer for everyone who wants to buy a new computer. Design is very simple, and all computer parts are built into the monitor and the only other thing you have is the keyboard and the mouse.

When I get my next computer, because I'm the next one because you'll find everything you need! Simple and sweet, and an elegant design

Why should i buy and iMac?

  • This is apple from the top computer with a price of $ 2799 in 3.2 GHz spectrum.

    • This is the app for the top computer with a price of $ 2799, a 3.2GHz spectrum. Mac Pro is used in professional environments such as high-end movie studios, recording studios, and 3D modeling. For me, this computer is a dream computer because it's quite expensive, but it's Apple's best computer.

      • Really do not have to list the reason to buy this computer if your job is to edit video, music production, 3D modeling, high intensive computer applications, then this computer is for you! that buying is not a monitor that Apple Cinema displays are costly but if you want a computer that lasts for at least 3-5 years and can be upgraded, Mac Pro is your choice!

      I hope these tips and breakdown will help you decide which Apple computer is right for you! In addition, I hope you will feel that the computer Apple is offering, so you do not have to go out and buy a computer you do not really need, or if you buy a device that is not strong enough for what you need.

      Source by Todd Edwards

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