Tips and Tricks for App Store Optimization

Tip 1: Find Keywords

Keywords play an important role in ASO because good keyword usage can lead you to many more searches that open a lot of potential downloads. The first step to using good keywords is to choose the appropriate category for your application. Look at similar programs to you to find out the appropriate category and then read through some of the best search results to figure out the best possible keywords to use.

Including simple search phrases like a good keyring & # 39; can be useful, but also with longer, less searched phrases like a good program to test your yoga training and # 39; You can also help find relevant results.

If you can not figure out how to find useful keywords, think about what you want to look for to find your application. What would you usually enter to find the category your appliance is covered with?

Tip 2: Write a seductive description

This is almost like the cover in your app's CV. This is where you need to encourage page views to download your application. Once again the best way to learn how to create a good description is to look at other successful programs and see how they do it.

You may use bullet points to change what features the application offers, including all stories or positive reviews about app review that you may want to include and an overview of the app's features.

In addition, you need to change some words to match the keywords you've chosen in your mobile app .

Tip 3: Select Name

If you give your application a gentle, unconventional name, most viewers will probably look after the app before you get an opportunity to see what it offers. It's hard to come up with your own original name, but once a good name hits your head, you'll probably feel much more by putting it in the app store. There are not many tips that can be given on how to come up with a good name, because it simply takes a little of your imagination.

Use statistical services like AppAnnie or AppFigures to help you view various applications and their names.

Tip 4: Choosing the appropriate app icon

The power behind the good app icon is simply amazing. I've seen apps in the app store get thousands more downloads than other apps that play the same or may be even better. The only cloud the difference between two programs comes down to the program icon. Creating original symbols or signs again can be a difficult process and usually comes down to ideology.

If you can not think of what to use as a program icon, try compiling your actions and finding an item that best represents each feature. Try to move the selected item to a single tag and you will probably come out with something that looks original and abstract.

Nice bright colors can help attract attention too and a high resolution image can help. If you are unsure of color or can not create a high quality image yourself, then it would probably be a good time to ask professionalism or look for someone to do it for you.

Tip 5: Choosing Screen Shots

Choosing screenshots is a rather easy process and usually involves finding and using the most attractive elements of the game. Do not show boring menus or configuration pages, and view images that represent the main purpose of the application.

Following these tips, ASO highly focuses on SEO, good imagination and talent to write a good description.

Source by Richard Nitram

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