Think about how you work out?

The summer is over and you have been successful in keeping this bikini ribbon up to now, but we all know that there are nice jumps on the horizon and the temptation that the bugs on these carbohydrates will be almost too much.

Well, do not fear encouragement, there is another way to work out that renews your passion for fitness.

I'm talking about talented programs and I have the best programs you can get to keep some body sizzling.

Recent research on the benefits of fitness programs can be a vehicle for behavioral change in exercise, as nicotine patches can be a vehicle for changing behavior in smoking.

"Basically, talent programs allow users to overcome the obstacles they face to practice on a regular basis, such as lack of motivation or low free time." Less than half of other users. "

If you want the sound of it, here are five fitness programs that I would recommend to keep this fitness motivated and see you through the end of summer, or even longer.

Pact. (Free).

Do you ever bet with your friends to see if they meet their talented loans? Do you want to earn money by sticking to your word? Then look at the Pact. It's a fitness program that lets you win money when you go to the gym and finish workout. The program checks that you have committed to the goals by ensuring that you check into the places you promised to go and work out. It even recommends how long you have been there. If you reach your goals, you get money, if you get out, the money you bet goes to a communal pot to win other people. Trust me, there are plenty of slackers out there pouring money into it.

FIT Radio. (Free, paid for Premium).

If you want to listen to your favorite song while you iron, this is the program for you. FIT Radio is a music program that specializes in DJ-equipped mixtures that maintain a constant beat, which will help drive. There are a variety of types including Spin, Yoga and Zumba. If you decide to go to Premium, there are more than 25 brands and stations, plus other benefits like no ads. If you love working out in music but you can not interfere with creating your own playlist, this is the program for you.

Charity Miles. (Free).

If you get money for charity, you're driving those extra miles, then you have to check out Charity Miles. Company sponsors agree to give a few pennies for each mile you run, walk, ride, Segway, whatever you want. The app has a list of charities you can give, so choose who you want to support and get started!

Zombies, Run! (Free; Purchase of Purchases).

Is saving humanity while burning a lot of calories that are comfortable? Then you're lucky, click on the software store and download Zombies, Run! This app is an ultra-immersive jigsaw and audio adventure, even united with award-winning writer, Naomi Alderman. Each run will be a mission where you are the hero, with the sound you hear to immerse yourself in a very own zombie movie. Complete the tasks and progress through the story as well as the progress of your own skills.

Yoga awake. (free).

Yoga is not for everyone, but does not wake up at. 7 a day. If you want to start your day in the right place and make your bed refreshed and ready for the day, you'll need Yoga Wake Up in your life. This app is a short audio guide with yoga or meditation beginning in bed, in music selection including Bob Marley, Prince and Bon Iver. Learn how to deepen your breath, unleash your body and set your intentions for the day, such as calmness, resilience, and even goodness. Why do you wake up when you can do yoga training?

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