Things when the iPhone is embedded in the Apple logo

Apple's freezing Apple logo may be an annoying problem. This usually happens when you've done things like iOS update, restore from iDevices, or install a new application. To get your device back to normal, you can do more things. Your phone is placed in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode, which completely resets your iPhone or uses the ifunbox to detect and delete the problem-causing applications.

Using DFU Mode

This method can be applied to almost all versions of iPhone. First, you need to connect the problematic Apple iPhone to iTunes with the USB cable. Then turn off your iPhone. It's often not easy to turn off iPhone, which is locked by displaying the Apple logo. The purpose of this trick is to use both the Home button and the Power button for approx. Press for 10 seconds. If you succeed, you will notice that the screen is dark. After switching off the phone, hold down the Home button (when the Power button is opened) for a further 10 seconds or more to restore the phone to iTunes. The iPhone is currently in DFU mode, so click the available OK and Reset options to make the module normal again. This method requires time and patience; sometimes you have to repeat the process two or three times before reaching the desired result. If you have tried this method but failed, you will probably need to turn off antivirus and firewall security measures and repeat the steps.

Using the Ifunbox Software

Ifunbox software basically works only in Windows Explorer but is more user-friendly. The software supports iOS 4.0 and has several features including iPhone / iPod file system control, moving pictures and music from iPhone and iPod, iPhone, iPhone file search functions, and hi-speed general purpose storage. If you have an Ifunbox software, you can restore the problem without restoring the phone. Basically, ifunbox allows you to view apps installed on your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your computer and press Search to receive a list of MY3G files. After the search results are displayed, delete all MY3G files and try restarting the gadget. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved now. Keep in mind that ifunbox is a lightweight program that you do not have to install before using it. To prevent this happening from your iPhone, download and install apps from trusted sources only.

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