There are four reasons why you should buy the iPhone

iPhone iPod Function

iPhone is not just a mobile phone. No no. If you buy an iPhone you still get an iPod! This iPod function is very nice for the big screen. Music and video can be played.

iPhone Visual Voicemail Function

The iPhone also has a very nice voicemail feature. This is a visual voicemail. Visual voicemail can be sent directly to any message. First you do not have to listen to the other messages. I think this is a very nice iPhone feature. You do not have to ignore other messages now …

iPhone Internet Service

iPhone features an HTML e-mail client and the best mobile browser, Safari. Easily sync your bookmarks on your Mac or PC.

iPhone Google Map feature

View maps and satellite imagery with Google Maps and map applications for iPhone. You can also go directly to traffic information. Good feature today …

There are plenty of iPhone features, but the four mentioned are some of the reasons why I'm going to iPhone. I like the touch function too. No more buttons to press …

Another thing that you like looks like that. There is a nice 3.5 screen. I just think the iPhone is pretty big. I do not think my pocket will be any more. But with such a nice phone I'm not embarrassed to show the world.

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Source by Karel Geenen

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