The unlocked Nokia N900

Nokia N900 Unlocked Phone / Mobile Computer includes a 3.5 inch touch screen that makes it very user friendly and accessible. No matter what you need to do, this device is compatible with many services, making it a great choice. Whether you have AT & T or T-Mobile, this phone is fully compatible. Great optimism for 3G networks, except AT & T, this device allows you to experience the progress of technology in a way completely different from everything you've experienced.

With a sleek design, it's just little enough to fit in a pocket, but it makes a home that is in contrast to its small size. It has full mobile and messaging capabilities, making it as capable of physical as some of the most popular and advanced phones. With the QWERTY keyboard, you can easily send text messages to your friends or make clear and crisp calls to all you want. The powerful Maemo 5 operating system allows you to experience outstanding browsing capabilities and features in a manner that would be difficult to push to be beaten by another device. Make sure your email is on your way or to send a quick message, as the phone is designed to be a busy person, with the touch screen and his ability to expel the keyboard for quick and easy to enter.

If you love taking pictures and taking a special moment, the five-megapixel camera is exactly what you need to do it. Take photos and store them in the smaller space of your device, or take videos with camcorders and hold special moments forever. Your device includes GPS for navigation and location services so you will never lose as long as you have this device near it. Not only that, but it offers a digital media player for amazing cinematic experience and ability to listen to music with Bluetooth stereo capabilities.

This device has taken your phone, computer and excellent camera and merged it into an amazing device that allows you to do so much to one thing. It makes you in touch with people breeze where you can access any one anyway with a fast 3G connection and you can easily browse the internet capabilities with high speed wireless broadband service. Not only that, but you can send and share all the videos and photos you take, or you can send text or talk through voice, knowing that you'll have excellent reception and quick results when you send and receive messages.

Some features of the phone are the Ovi cards that let you find your way no matter where you are. Take this with you when you go on a vacation as it will help you find all the best restaurants and help you reach your destination on time and in good time. You can also use the PDF reader to read important documents, and the RSS reader is also included. Furthermore, this device will transform your life as it has the ability to organize your world with tools like clock, notes, calculator, diagram and calendar.

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