The Ultimate Principles of Successful App Store Descriptions? Rule 1: Social proof

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The Ultimate Principles of Successful App Store Descriptions? Is a short series of posts on The iPhone App Development to deal with the best ways you can write your API when in the app Store.

Rule 1: Social Evidence

What is Social Evidence ?:

Social evidence is the warring point of one basic principle of human psychology. In a nutshell, we are social animals, so if others want something we are more likely to care about. If others do not want anything, then we're more likely to want it – just ask your cousin. Why do you have an iPhone? Because everyone has one.

Another obvious reason as it saves us investigate into the product is to look at others to review is a deeply tragic development in a person, so even naysayers who say they do not care what others are doing are performed by this rule. How to apply this rule:

1) Get your family and friends to write a review about the app.

This is important, the app store is filled with tons of crappy apps, and the app without reviews is just as bad as an app with bad reviews.

Example of good social proof.

2) Submit an app to various blogs and review websites for reviews, then send an abstract from the discussion in your description.

"Brilliant. 5 Stars –" at the beginning of the description sets the tone well for any description. Even if it is "", it's public and people will have the same effect.

What's next?

Rule 2 will soon stop forward …

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