The truth about drugs smartphone in adolescents

Smartphones can be addictive, they change the mood and often call for pleasant emotions. Smartphones allow us to seek prizes such as video, Twitter feeds, and press releases as well as email anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why most people monitor their phone in a tactile way and the more that stop it, the more urge to use it.

More than any other gadget, smartphones are small, easy to use, inexpensive applications and stable connectivity that empowers us to maintain our attention, engaging in thinking and thinking, or even being alone with our thoughts.

Teenage is the most challenging level of life, this is where everything has to be unique. The way they dress is a difference. The way they react is different and even how they speak. This is where smartphones come in.

Challenges of smartphones create teens

Social media

Social media acts as a forum for comparison among teenagers. The majority of youngsters aspire to self-promotion and comparing their friends with social media to constraints and trying to understand them from their phones to understand them from all over the world.

Self-esteem Self-esteem

The world of self-learning is to take teens instead of falling in love with their own images or allowing them to be obsessed with other images. This makes independent decisions about beauty, value and popularity. If they do not get fun and comments as expected, they assume they are ugly, stupid, worthless and not good enough.

Inability to Be One

Teenagers Fear To Be One. Smartphones enable them to monitor and they barely get pause without being founded by social media.

How To Get Teenagers From Their Smartphones

Be A Model

Parents should be careful about how they touch the smartphone when the teenagers are around. For example, parent driving and using mobile phones at the same time. This awesome behavior is not unnoticed by adolescents.

Set goals

Parents must encourage the Smartphone free time with friends and family and make sure that smartphones are delivered every night for homework or for the bed. Teenagers need at one time to be free from social media, so that they can grow in confidence to be alone and keep track of themselves.

Encouraging social facilities

Teenagers need to take part in other features, such as games to keep them fit and occupied rather than being glued to the phone. Parents should also allow teens to spend time with friends to help them gain more confidence.

Talk to teenagers

Parents should keep adolescents in line with the development of the individual, not just their image. Teenagers need to know how much they need to be overloaded on the phone.

Finally, social media have taken on the lives of teenagers. They spend most of their time in communication in the media than interacting on their own. This reduces responsibility in life that will push them forward. Teenagers should help to balance the challenges of social media with the needs the real world requires of them.

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