The top five business apps for Android

Enterprise employees often need mobile apps for managing files, communicating with others, viewing and editing documents, and managing other tasks.

There are dozens of business applications in the Google Play store, but we've collected the top five that maximize your smartphone or tablet efficiency.

Google Docs:

Google Docs is one of the most useful Android business applications that allows you to access, create, and edit documents from anywhere. It also allows multiple people to work in the same document.

You do not have to hit the backup button again and again after you've modified the document since everything you type is automatically saved.

You can also open, edit, and save Word files, and then convert them to Google Docs.


LogMeIn is a premium application that allows remote access from your PC to your smartphone or tablet as it is on your way.

You must install LogMeIn software on your Android device and on your computer and create an ID on Once completed, you can access remote files remotely and run the programs stored on your computer from your mobile device.

Initially, you will receive a free trial of 14 days from LogMeIn Pro and purchase a subscription at the end of the period to continue using it. The Pro version of the application costs $ 27.55 per month.

This is a wonderful application that allows Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel documents, photos, or the memory of your tablet, Google Drive, Dropbox, one drive, or other cloud storage devices.

You can also adjust the paper size, page range, number of copies, and print settings before pressing the print button.

However, some applications are not free and require you to purchase a premium key to unlock them. The key is $ 12.95. AK Notepad is a useful Android application that allows them to write notes, text messages, emails, share with friends and family, start reminders on the home screen and make reminders. much more.

You can write your choice of color notes, such as #School, #Work, #shopping, better sorting, and faster search.

Quotations and Accounts Manager:

This is another useful Android app that allows users to create quotes and accounts for their customers. It also allows you to export invoices and quotes to an Excel or CVS file and send it to your customers by email.

The app is available at $ 10.57 in Google Play Store.

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