The ten best TV shows in 2009 should start looking

Note: Shield and wire are both highly recommended, but since both programs ended in 2008, they are not included in this list (among others).

10th Fringe

(FOX – 2008 – Sci-Fi)

Initially, this show did not stick to many on the must watch show list, but the individual drawings pulled us back and now we think this show is about a government working group, who traces a paranormal activity with a researcher named Walter Bishop (John Noble) who turned Frankenstein's features and Albert Einstein's brilliance into one of his sarcastic sons Peter Bishop (actor Joshua Jackson) and Olivia Dunham's FBI agent (Anna Torv). Apart from the show X-Files, one of the things that viewers will notice is the parent-child conflict, especially between Walter and Peter when they try to resolve the cases. Fringe is great on conspiracies and some strong turns on the "rim". This exhibition stands out only in the rest of its entirety.

ninth Monk

(USA – 2002 – Dramedy)

Background: This creator talks about the site, Nick Shin. Call me idiotic or ridiculously, and I definitely deserve both, but I personally did not take this incredibly humorous show for about 6 years solely because of the title; I did not give this concert a chance before 2008. I thought the show was literally a monk and adventures in the monastery. I thought a demonstration by a monk and a monastery could be far from interesting. Bad assumption (do not judge your show under the title?) On a random weekend in 2008 I was incredibly bored, I did not have a commitment and all over the world. So I'm introducing Monk. Now why you have to start watching.

Monk is one of those programs where all the people in the world are related to their lead character, Adrian Monk (actor Tony Shalhoub). How? 3 words obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It may be that the situation is not as lightly as severe as monks, but every man has some OCD, wherever he should wash his hands in a certain way, the sock / morning routine, bedtime routine, and over and over again. The title of the show is an obsessive compulsive private investigator and adviser at the San Francisco Police Murder Unit. At one point and (the fans) correct us if we are wrong, Monk's nurse / assistant indicated 120 phobias. What is fun about the show is not just Monk's brilliance and attention to detail in the field as it resolves the cases but Monk can handle the many phobias of the show, including always humorous therapies. Monk and the characters around him are in a ridiculous mood. Each episode is unique so you can start watching this show.

8th In Treatment

(HBO – 2008 – Drama)

The In Treatment episodes are therapists. Paul Weston (actor Gabriel Byrne), who deals with one of five patients. The little known show from teenagers to middle ages and singles from singles to married couples. In Handling, the full range of emotions is displayed with the great play that interests you and trusts what you are watching. One of the most special and riveting parts of the show is the portal of the therapist (Paul), which goes to his own therapist. Character development and artistic messaging are brilliant. This show may occasionally become uncomfortable and can lose a lot of you, but we know that there is a combination of incredible acting, story-telling and character development; do not give up after an episode.

7th Breaking Bad

(AMC-2008 – Dramedy)

Probably the most entertaining show and the most original show to watch, Walter White (actor Bryan Cranston – the midwife's Malcolm's father) is a chemistry professor of the school diagnosing terminal lung cancer, and become a businessman to raise enough money for his family. Well, the entrepreneurial part is not exactly what you suspect, and that's where the show is going to be very entertaining. Walt decided to join a former student who walt flunked to get into the crystal business. How does it work for individual writing? If you've ever felt that you are in your head, you will surely enjoy this show as Walt quickly learns about the dangers to his competitors.

6th Always Sunny in Philadelphia (1967)

Do you remember Seinfeld?

(FX – 2005 – Comedy)

Do you remember Seinfeld? The '90s show that everyone seemed to enjoy extremely accidental representations and often commercial solutions. The often-imitated formula has been reflected in recent years, but one show focused on the head. The IASIP is probably the funniest show on television because of the obvious lack of rules or shame. We followed Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Dee's life as they calculate and tweak people every hour. Finally, their faces exploded in commercial form. If ever it was a show that icons are the basic motives of human nature in all of us, that's it. Just watch it. Now.

5th Entourage

(HBO – 2004 – Dramedy)

We know anyone who does not climb under the rock knows the show, so we try to shorten it. Entourage describes the "best" TV show list. The only reason why "professional" critics do not include this show for the target audience. Only a few have a demographic target that they do not want to look strange, douchebag-like, 20 (and 40?) Somethings, and adventures as a group. We know it's extremely difficult to say that Entourage is the best show or even best performing (though Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold is completely brilliant and the reason why you should start watching it), but this show is just fun. It is thoughtfully confusing and addicting.

4th Dexter

(Showtime – 2006 – Dramedy)

Do We Have a Dark Side? A special page (mmmm, frites), which is in sleep state and only comes out on special occasions. If you raise your hand then you have to look at Dexter. Dexter is now a blood analyzer for the Miami-Metro police (MMPD) and a serial killer at night. Before being disgusted at another site, you must know that Dexter is conscious. He introduced Dexter's sociopaths as a youth, but his adoptive father, the MMPD detective, accepted these trends and taught Dexter to use them for humanity, or killing those people who had been freed from the appropriate penalties from the justice system. The show is not a lot of excitement and tension. Sensitive, smart, exciting, and often humorous, Dexter, an anti-hood with whom everyone can interact, even if he does not want to admit it.

3rd Injury

(FX-2007 – Drama)

I thought the program was deleted? In fact, many of you who read this top 10 list have figured out because of the writer's strike sometime. Well, back and wonderful. With the last episode of season 1, broadcast in October 2007, the second season officially returned. Damages caused the Damages to fall off the radar, but this show completely describes the "best TV shows" nodding. Damage is a legal trill that targets Glenn Close as the brilliant and ruthless bouncing Patty Hewes. The show Patty and his enemy, Ellen Parsons (actress Rose Byrne) revolve around. Since there are so many legal thrillers in the air, it is difficult to describe why and why this series looks overhead and shoulders over others. Simply put, he is an excellent actor, intelligent writing, anti-reflection, an actual storyline versus a story of the episode and a thriller in the true sense of the word. The story is interesting to you, but this story-telling and the performances that really show this have to be watched now. We feel that this still does not show the fairness of the show … to see you will never be bored of watching this show; from the beginning to the end is consistent. People working at FX do something right and everyone has to be aware of it.

2nd Rescue Me

(FX-2004 – Dramedy)

We all enjoyed the Sopranos. We felt very bad, and yet it was so good. The ultimate anti-hero, Tony Soprano, was someone we hate and love at the same time. Ever since leaving the television, where does it start to rouse the favorite bad guy? The answer is Rescue Me. The protagonist, Tommy Gavin (actor Denis Leary) is a member of NYFD. They are as rough as they are and they are very respectful of the courage to show on the track.

Up to 9/11, sleeping with widows (a big topic under the show), abusing drugs and alcohol, renting people, and screaming, we can see why Tommy Gavin is not a popular man. .. at the exhibition. However, in the real world we find ourselves with a favorite love of a guy who is away from a coin flip away from being cool or torn like Tony Soprano.

Here is the list of similarities between The Sopranos and Rescue Me

* Sopranos = New Jersey. Rescue Me = New York. You can connect the two.

* Faith

* Drug and Alcohol Consumption

* Bane as Seafarers

* Violence against Aliens, Friends and Family

* Hallucinations

which you have to pay attention to. Feel free to comment if you find more similarities and consider adding them to the list. Anyway, this is a wonderful show that is only due to FX's taste in great shows. Look.

first Mad Men

(AMC- 2007 – Drama)

All right, you get it, you get Mad Men a great show based on countless critics and wannabe critics like ourselves. By now, Mad Men (and AMC from this point of view) has received the main props presented by us, but we can not emphasize enough. We would never have imagined that a dramatic drama on TV overcame the "TV show for 20093". What is the action where humor where the comfortable douchebag we want to talk about? Whatever the show and the hype that the debut debut is, we still think Mad Men is an underrated show.

The definition of crazy, as we explained in the first episode – "In the 1950s and 1960s, the advertising industry was based on New York's Madison Avenue." Ad-men were caged by crazy people with "crazy people" for themselves. "

For those who still question this most popular television show they've been watching, sometimes not because they are not watching this show, because the history of the story is being admitted to us. Before the 1960s, everyone was "Everything Topped" and was racist, sexist and unhealthy (the number of cigarettes smoked by characters every 5 seconds) in the 60s and, most importantly, a transitional period. Hamm, as the protagonist, Don Draper, is brilliant as the creative director of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency. Don is struggling to change the time and the young managers of the Agency all the while in the game room (and in the bedroom) Intense performances show not only the life of Don, but also the unique aspects that people sell themselves in the advertising industry, complex, sophisticated and well-developed. moving drama, yes, and many who are impatient and simply upcoming will not enjoy the crazy ones. If you get a really accurate picture of the time when not many programs or movies have been set up, this is the most important show you should start watching for 2009.

Here's the list of Top 10 TV shows in 2009 Start watching now. We want to hear your thoughts so you can freely note the list. Tell us, praise us, hate us, love us on our list. Are there any topics / categories you would like to offer? Give us a shout through the comments or contact us.

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