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Smartphone software is constantly being developed and updated. A major factor identified in this article is smart time security. Security is an extremely important feature of the smartphone, as it is used for the necessary actions like signing in to bank accounts and using confidential passwords. In addition, users use them to exchange important information, such as corporate innovations and others. Smart phones (SM) can generally be described as extremely small versions of personal computers. Different software and platforms are used, but similar applications and features are available. Thus, we can conclude that they also share similar security issues and dangers. Viruses, for example, are stimulating rapidly in the smart phone industry.

Blackberry security can probably be described as the best in the SM phone industry, since it has invested a lot of money and years in developing a strong encryption system. However, recently writer Olga Kharif emphasized that a new application has proven to be used on blackberries that had the ability to record discussions in a particular field without being obvious, meaning without voice recorder most cell phones tend to have. (IT Business Edge, 2009)

As mentioned in SM, you can also use a phone "with cookies for denying service calls (DDoS)." These attacks can be described as the co-ordination of multiple machines (former SM phones) aimed at overloading large servers with orders and creating darkening, which means that service can not be provided for a while.

The iPhone security can generally be described as bad, although new encryption systems are still developed and updated to provide users with secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. . Hackers can interfere with and receive information such as email, password, bank account password and others.

HTC's security may be characterized by the fact that it works with Windows Mobile that uses remote software to ensure users' security. Such external software would have Norton antivirus for mobile phones. Nevertheless, security risk was encountered when HTC users used a short-term Bluetooth connection, using a new encryption tool.

There are several companies that create external software to protect the SM phone from high security risks. The software they create aims to keep data of high significance impenetrable and protect the devices from all kinds of viruses. An example of such a company would be GUARDIANEDGE SMARTPHONE PROTECTION.

3G Service

Another major factor identified in this article is the 3G service provided by smartphones. The 3G networks provide users with a variety of online services with very high speed and many features. Wireless network and download services are performed much faster through the 3G networks.

One of the first leading smartphones to include the 3G service was the iPhone, a parallel fully active GPS application. Furthermore, iPhone has the ability to share 3G service with users & # 39; personal computer without using a wireless network, but with a Bluetooth or USB connection.

HTC has been providing 3G services in the smart phone since 2006 and has always tried to offer faster speeds than those in the telecommunications industry.

Blackberry has not introduced the 3G smartphone yet; On the other hand, the first 3G Blackberry will be introduced in the UK market in collaboration with Vodafone.

It is important to mention that the carrier has an important role in 3G service speed.

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