The Samsung Jet

Mobile operators are working harder and faster to develop the best one-phone-all-gadget, offering high-speed internet, email, music, cameras and a good old-fashioned job in a low, smooth, sexy shell.

However, it is not a simple simple task. Mobile technology is moving fast. As one phone is introduced to the best of the best, comes new by pushing it to another place. Trying to find the phone that will stand a time test and be really top of the game in the next few months is not that simple, but Samsung's latest smartphone could just match the bill.

Samsung always produces a stylish, attractive phone while the new Samsung Jet has gone to boost the mile on good stakes. Less than 12mm thick, this super-slim smartphone has a 3.1-inch customizable touch screen that is ultra high res with 16 million colors and is still visible in direct sunlight. All the while, its shiny black casing enhances the coolness of the sophistication.

Samsung's marketing is impatient value, so it has gone out to create a smartphone that works at 800MHz, 200MHz faster than a new phone. Merge this with the TouchWix 2.0 interface and the user experience goes through the roof.

It has HSDPA 3G technology, Microsoft Exchange PC synchronization, 2GB internal memory and up to 16GB of external capacity. Samsung was looking to fix the phone in the market and it seems to have returned. This phone would win gold in the Olympics on the smartphone.

Jet also has too much green to name here, but at the beginning it has a 5 mega pixel camera with dual power LED flash, four times digital zoom, anti-shake filter and AMOLED technology for great pictures. D1 bit video recorder allow for DVD-like playback; GPS navigation system including a very cool 3D card and MP3 player with built-in radio. It should keep you out of trouble for a moment.

This phone really lives up to its name. It's fast, efficient and almost cool. It has more chances than shaking a character, and it looks rather damn hot too. Multi-tasking is this call center, which lets you make calls, browse and play songs at once, using fast 800MHz power and 3D user interface so you will not be left on hold or want to.

You can get Samsung Jet on contracts from just 20 pounds a month exclusively from Vodafone.

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