The power of a blue port and its use

In modern society, competition is something we see daily and everywhere. Even when it's not a direct competitor, you must "fight" to do the will and need for your product or service. This policy will help you look beyond your competition and create a completely new market and standardize for your own business.

The purpose of this plan is to create a new standard in the market where only products and services can live up to. This way you automatically create a new market and cover all your previous competitors. In short: from the Red Sea (competition) you go to your own blue sea where you are king.

This age is called the "consumer age" of many marketers, all about consumers. The Blue Ocean policy too. This policy involves offering your offer in such a way that a new market develops for you.

A little example of the power of Blue Ocean policy:

Samsung changed its policy In 2006, the slogan led to "market-driven change". A number of developers and developers gathered in Seoul to work on a new flat screen TV, the code "Bordeaux". They worked under the supervision of the CEO until they met all expectations, the needs and needs of consumers were fulfilled.

With this and some other developments, Samsung's market share was 26.4%, with Sony being 24.6% and then Sharp with 8.2%. And note that Samsung started in 2006 with a market share of only 12.1%

Here are the experiments and forums of the Blue Ocean policy.


Superior trend for small and medium-sized businesses. These are often flexible and can fly faster towards the needs and wishes of their customers and the market. Because they are relatively small, they stand close to their customers, since further information can be obtained from them.

Smaller businesses can get a lot of ads quickly using this policy. Even faster then big business. Because small businesses usually work locally or on a regional basis, they can deliver their messages faster and collect more free coverage.

This strategy is perfect for companies who now use how to use their marketing and communication effectively.


It is quite difficult to create the blue sea without the necessary knowledge and the blue sea can be created. Experience of marketing and communication. Marketing budget comes very well but many small and medium businesses do not have one.

After a while, the first copycats will come up and compete in the same value as you. It's completely natural, but it encourages entrepreneurs to find a new policy every few years.

For large companies, managing a new company is more difficult to manage or change to get a new strategy that works in the entire company as soon as possible. These companies have funds and budget, but before the process has started, smaller competitors could already reject the idea.

If you want to know more about Blue Ocean policy, you can find more information in the links and the list below. First, some practical advice to create and apply the Blue Ocean strategy.

Checklist & # 39; How to Download & # 39 ;:

1) Investigate what the client really wants. Ask for the problems and challenges they face and what the solutions might be.

3) Try to find an ideal solution for the client outside.

2) Research that draws attention to competitors in their marketing and who not.

Borders, criteria and standards in the market or industry. Forget about standards and irregular rules, just think about the best possible solution for your customers and how you can help them achieve it in an efficient and fun way.

4) Create a marketing system that sells your Product as beautiful and simple as possible. Do not let the customer have any problems, questions or choices – but make the entire process as easy as possible.

5) Teach potential customers and market what you can do with the problem, go beyond your competitors, and care about customers

6) Get the best possible warranty, for example 100% unconditional money guarantee. This level alone goes beyond many competitors in many cases.

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