The phone that contained the Windows 7 operating system

The Wall Street Journal has probably given us another reason why Microsoft has come up with a very good initial operating system for nearly two decades. And all this can be in the cell phone that it carries. In the release of February 9, 2009, WSJ wrote an article about the different operating systems of portable devices used by people. About 8 years ago, most people do not have a PDA and a mobile phone, they have only one phone. With this in mind, Microsoft has a leading role in operating system devices, which grew by about 20% in 2008 to 13.3%. Apple has done a good job thanks to the iPhone, which rose from 300% to 9% in the 2008 market. So what are the phones for Windows 7? Simply, if the trend is to steep the growth of Apple, this may mean that people are getting more comfortable on the iPhone interface to give a second look on your Mac computer. Due to the growth and the bust of having malicious Windows Vista already, Apple may see the early trend of phone users translating to computer users as well.

An arrow in the apple?

The only thing that can prevent Mac from taking this step in Microsoft by attacking iPhone if Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a mistake that prevented his company from dominating the personal computer market in these decades. The arrogant attachment to maintaining the ownership of Apple and Mac computers and not allowing the licensing of the operating system to other hardware vendors while Bill Gates and Microsoft have increased their dominance by allowing the operating system to be licensed and licensed by the manufacturers. There is another ownership-type agreement that can limit Mac's growth. Currently, the only way to get iPhone is to put AT & T at your service. This is a big problem in my book. 1) I do not want to change the cell provider to get a new phone and 2) my contract does not allow. So. It may be fun to see this year and see that iPhone growth is still so high and may indicate that you are buying more Macs this year.

Hope for the future

Simple. We hope that Mac will continue to compete with Microsoft. We hope that Linux and other operating systems will receive more mainstreaming. If both of them happen, Microsoft will keep his foot toward the fire and will be forced to give us better products from the slider. This can make me happier and happier, and I'm sure that this Redmond, Washington software mogul can be happy too.

Source by Mark Barron

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