The Phone Swipe Smartphone Credit Card Payment Processing Application Explained in Plain English

What is Phone Swipe?

Phone Swipe is a free application that allows traders to take credit cards, debit cards or gift cards with their iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Soon applications will be available for BlackBerry.

Unique Merchant Account

Every Phone Swipe comes with a unique merchant account in the North American Bancard. The account is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the company. The price is very competitive and good value for the service and 24 hours, 7 days of support you receive with Pay Swipe.

Free Credit Card Reader

Phone Swipe comes with free credit card reader accessories that are easy to connect to your mobile phone. Credit card reader accessories come in mail after you have been approved for an account. You can also make payments without connecting the accessory by entering them.

Fraud Protection

Credit card data is not stored in the network, card reader or on the smartphone. This increases the level of fraud already present in all North America trade.

Keep track of inventory

Once your application has been downloaded to your smartphone, you can easily add files, include photos, categories, enter the default tax rate, or turn on GeoTax. GeoTax automatically calculates the correct tax based on your location. You can also turn on shocks and turn off or allow customers to set their own tip.

Automatic Receipt Notification

After purchase. Phone wipe automatically creates email receipt. The receipt contains images of the item from your inventory, its price, inventory name, and options for viewing the place where the purchase took place. This renews customer thinking if he or she does not know the purchase and helps to reduce the refund.
Real Time Monitoring

You can see a list of all of your sales in real time, your most popular sales types, and can search for individual transactions. In addition, if you have more than one smartphone or iPad, you can connect them all to one merchant account. These features make it simple to quickly see exactly what is happening in your business – even if an employee takes a phone call away from where you are.

Increased Profits

If you are a merchant who offers a delivery, goes to work or sells items in the flea market, showroom or industrial ministry, mobile swing will place a lot of emphasis on your bottom. Research shows that you can boost profits by up to 30% when you offer your customers mobile services.

Source by Deborah Knowles Walker

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