The phone accessories are very flashy

With the progress of GSM and mobile phone markets, this has led to a direct increase in the market for telephone accessories. Of course, because of market expansion, new companies have emerged to produce new phones for phones of different brands. In addition, many companies have increased their research and development budgets to provide new types of phone accessories every day with these new developments.

2) Extra Storage Capacity Batteries

3) SD Cards or MMD Cards for Extra Memory Storage

4) Headphones for listening to music from your mobile phone.

5) Bluetooth accessories for mobile data transfer from phone to PC or to another phone.

6) Car chargers

8) New portable phone covers for easy portability

9) Wireless Expansion Units for Wi-Fi Transmission

10) Communication Cables

11) Different Software for Mobile Phones

as you can see, there are no limits when it comes to accessories. They are designed to make the use of mobile phones more easily and naturally even more efficient. Perhaps the largest manufacturers of mobile phone accessories are themselves the Telephone Manufacturers themselves. In particular, major manufacturers such as Sony Erickson and Nokia's own branded accessories have dominated the accessories market.

Of course, it should be noted that the expansion of the telephone accessories market has particularly helped China to benefit most of this market. Almost 90% of all parts of the world are manufactured by China, so this growing market has specifically provided prosperity to Chinese labor.

So with such a huge, growing market, the accessories are very shiny and it's very hard to stop buying these accessories yourself. In fact, almost all phones come with Bluetooth accessories, since Bluetooth has become a popular mobile device worldwide. It is a fact that many businessmen are meeting their workplace with the Bluetooth headset and while walking or in the middle of a conversation. Of course, using Bluetooth, you can easily transfer your pictures, videos, multimedia messages to your phone or laptop. So it's no wonder that Bluetooth dominates the additional market as the most sought-after accessory available.

This market will continue to expand, in particular with the extension of the 3G standard to the GSM market in the future.

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