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With OnePlus 3, the Chinese startup made the phone almost perfect. Just when we could not expect anything better, OnePlus 5 took part in a different way with a seriously packed specification club and of course higher prices. The headline is an amazing dual camera layout on the back, but in OnePlus fashion we have the potential for serious power and RAM. For its price, OnePlus 5 is a great deal, but higher prices require a critical look at some of its malfunctions. There are some missing features and some strange omissions, but this is still one of the best technology bargains.

OnePlus 5 may be considered among the best phones, although it is not so original. The brand has been able to keep the phone so comfortable and enjoyable. Make your back fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, while 3D Gorilla Glass 5 on the front also points a little. This variety of curves make it a very sleek device.

Design Facts for OnePlus 5

One agrees when I say that your smartphone is performing well. best defense. It is wise to buy a strong built-in cover or leather wallet for the phone to protect it from scratches and blows. There are various options available online that help you do this. One of them is the design features for OnePlus 5. No matter what your taste is, there will always be your choice. You can carry it from your workplace to any informal entity you collect. Dimensions protect your phone completely while using it as well as when you are not. It's not just the phone's screen that's important to protect, but also on the back of your device. The camera must be protected to prevent poor quality images. In this case, the issues can keep the back cover of the device intact.

OnePlus 5 Leather Plates

Another option may be to use OnePlus 5 Designer Leather Plate . This is a viable option for those who do not like to change the appearance or add some kind of volume to your device. The OnePlus 5 leather cover is made of genuine leather with an outer pocket to keep money and play.

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