The Palm Treo 680 Smartphone

Palm Treo 680 is a great and easy to use smartphone that uses the Palm operating system and is available in various color schemes – traditional gray, hip copper, Crimson and Arctic.

This mixed mix PDA / mobile phone or smartphone as a successor to the Treo 650 company. This device is designed for mobile phones with 10 GPRS and EDGE technologies in category 10 and offers a perfect blend of opponents – clearly and visually, (ClearTouch Anti- glare). This is a virtual world screen protection at its best.

The Palm Treo 680 is the third Treo model to integrate Broadcom's baseband processor and leading Bluetooth solution, and has now added M-Stream technology to deliver increased user experience through greater voice quality and larger coverage. It's a great smartphone, filled with convenient and practical features. Since it's just the right size for your pocket, you have the freedom to take it somewhere and still connected to friends, work and family.

This Palm Treo 680 smartphone is an excellent PDA and a very good phone with MP3 player, built-in camera with camcorder, QWERTY keyboard for easier and more convenient text messaging and file change. It has easy access to email, including some platforms such as Good Mobile Messaging or Cingular Express Mail, chat and even compatibility with the TeleNav GPS Navigator which is optional only if the client also wants GPS capabilities.

All in one mobile phone, email, message, Web, organizer, camera and more, the Palm Treo 680 is a lot in one unit and offers you great versatility while communicating with your contacts and managing your files. It's a very nice model from Palm and has very cool features that would definitely help you enjoy your time.

As you can see, there are many good things on this smartphone. I could go again and again but suffice to say that if you choose to buy any of these, I do not think you will be disappointed.

Source by John Milligan

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