The new TV is thinner than an iPhone

As a sign of modern sophisticated life, wall-mounted plasma is the most important part of home entertainment.

Everywhere in electronic stores, a range of flat-screen TV technologies sit next to each other on consumer shelves. DLP, LCD, OLED and PDP plasma panel displays all HD (High Definition) signals, acronyms are sufficient to frighten the average person.

Because of confusion, some companies return to what every TV watcher wants – which looks best. With the new KURO TVs, Pioneer Electronics pulls away from contrast ratios, resolution formats, and the difference that Pioneer views as viewers. Colors that are genuinely more vivid than any other television, and an image that is just a completely new KURO television, is completely in a classroom.

After years of development, the Pioneer's new KURO TV reception focuses on furthering the emotions of TV. The plasma TV manufacturer does not stop there. On the days when the plasma mounted on the wall is not a distinctive sign of difference. Not on the Pioneer concept television.

The 9 mm slim concept of KURO television is the thinnest television in the world. Thinner than most magazines, slimmer than an iPhone, and immediately amazing, the Extreme Design Plasma Television will definitely bring the room back to Plasma TV.

To view a 9mm thin TV, go to the Pioneer Web site at

Source by Terrell Jacobs

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