The new iPhone 5 – to the Signs

The rumor mill is full of wires and speculations about the next version of the iPhone, the iPhone 5. Apple want to delete the memory of the iPhone 4, which we know is antenna problems, in addition to reassure people who are not he was happy with it. If these rumors are true, what can we look forward to with the next iPhone model?

The name of the model is in speculation alone. Based on the history of iPhone devices, the latest handset is not yet labeled by iPhone 5; the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 4G can go very well on the market, depending on the degree of architectural review. With the fantastic features and radical design of the iPhone 4 (apart from the release of an antenna), most observers can not expect significant changes in the next generation.

Competition against iPhone 4 is over. So maybe Apple deals with such rumors about the iPhone 5 to get interested in buyers' thoughts. Some of the devices available on the market are at the same level or even better than the iPhone 4.

Speculative features of iPhone 5

The public is thrilled about the iPhone 5 and there is certainly plenty of speculation about what kind of It could be. Again, we look at Apple's tracking results for updating models, so it's a great chance that the next iPhone will only be upgraded to the iPhone 4. The downturn with the antenna should certainly be maintained. All you have to do is install a stronger processor and slowly add the features of the iPhone and soon! there is the iPhone 5. Some experts say that a really new feature is very suspicious at this point.

Below is a list of some of the features you expect:

Enabling Near Technology (NFC) Enabling iPhone to be a Digital Wallet

The Bigger iPhone4 Monitor

Like the network, AT & T and Verizon

4G network connection

A completely new iOS 5 operating system

Probably the most anticipated feature of the iPhone 5 will be the inclusion of NFC technology. Trustworthy sources have indicated that NFC is certainly embedded, and the hardware needed is probably the leading NFC technology leader, NXP Semiconductor. Probably the end of money, as we all know.

It's as simple as the nose on your face that Apple is preparing for the next iPhone model. Since so many rumors circulate around the internet, it's hard not to get excited. This type of situation is what Apple really wants because they know from experience that it will bring more sales!

If you have any difficulty with using your iPhone, it's best to take it to one of the big Apple stores. What you always do is definitely suggesting avoiding fixes or updates on market stalls. It may be good for the weird accessory but I certainly do not trust them on my iPhone.

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